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  1. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    Hi I'm looking for a weight loss buddy, I have lots of weight to lose at least 12st which seems like a impossible target at the min.
    Am following slimming world diet myself at home as can't make it to class with work.
    Had my 1st weigh in Wednesday and lost 6lbs
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  3. boomfy

    boomfy Full Member

    Hi Joanne.
    I have just started this week! Well done on the 6lb weight loss!! Xx
  4. boomfy

    boomfy Full Member

    I'm the same. Following the slimming world plan at home. Which days are you doing? I've done all red this week.
    I started the week on a juice fast. Managed two days and had to give up. I was starving and the juices were vile. So started slimming world instead. I'm happy with what I'm doing now. I'm power walking/jogging 2k a day too on the treadmill :) xx
  5. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    well done joanne on your weight loss that is a brillianr start
  6. jellybellies

    jellybellies Full Member

    great start joanne :) good luck with your journey
  7. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Hi Joanne
    I have to lose about 8st and also lost 6lb in my first week,
    But a really good start and good luck for your weight loss journey x
    Tracy x
  8. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    Thanks good luck to everyone x
  9. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    I started out with losing 11 stones, now nearly 4 stones down and doing sw. Let me know if you need any help x
  10. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    That's great Rosie well done, how long did it take you to loose it?
    I keep thinking how long it going to take but I suppose I didn't get to this size overnight so I won't lose it overnight.
    Got a city break booked in feb and I no I won't stick to it then so giving myself a week off as it's hubby bday the day before we go and valentines when we get back, so hoping to lose a stone by then xx
  11. boomfy

    boomfy Full Member

    Wow well done rozie!!

    Maybe if you break down your total goal into a few mini goal then it mightn't seem as daunting Joanne. Xx

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  12. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    I initially lost 3 stones in 6 months from march11-september11.

    Had an op and put 2 stones back on.

    Been back with Sw since feb2013 and hoping to reach a 3 stone loss with group when I reach my 1st year anniversary. Will have meant I've lost 4 stones 2 lbs altogether.

    Taken me ages, but my head wasn't in the right place. I want children so this year I am determined to get as close to target as I can so we can start trying.
  13. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    Good idea boomfy think il break it down in to getting into each stone and clothes size hopping for 3.5lbs this week get into the 25s

    That's what's made me decide to loose weight roziee, that and turning thirty next year xx
  14. sophsmum

    sophsmum Full Member

    All the best with your journey Joanne.
  15. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    Thanks sophsmum

    I'm going to have to hide the scales I can't resist jumping on them nearly every day xx
  16. shanann86

    shanann86 Member

    I'm weighing myself at home too. My mum and I have our own mini slimming club. We put £5 in to a tin at every weigh in which will help towards buying some nice clothes in a smaller size. Its a good incentive to keep going :)
  17. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    Lost 6lbs again today can't believe it 12lb in 2 weeks xx
  18. Roziee

    Roziee Gold Member

    Fantastic. You must your food diary. Would love to see what you're eating.
  19. kirstyjade

    kirstyjade Full Member

    Same, would love to see your food diary :)
  20. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    To be honest I thought I was eating to much, I'm always snaking and picking at fruit
  21. xjoannexxx

    xjoannexxx Member

    This is yesterday trying to save some syns each day for meal out Saturday which is why I haven't used them all
    1 brown toast (heb), beans, 2 bacon
    Jacket potato, beans
    Fruit salad, pineapple and coconut yog (3.5 syns)
    Beef stir fry, sweet chilli sauce (1 syn)
    Blueberry fat free yog
    Pink and white (2.5 syns)
    Hot chocolate (2 syns)
    8.5 syns total

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