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ProPoints Weight loss diary

Hello all. I lost 2 stone in the lead up to my wedding this year, in the last couple of days I have put on 7 pounds which is really has upset me. I never want to get back to anywhere near that weight. Since honeymoon I have gone up and down the scales between 12.8 and 13.1 and now I step on the scales and I'm in 13.5!!! So no more junk. My aim is to be in the 11's by Xmas. Im just doing my exercise this morning so that's an hour so far before work xxx
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So, I have decided to have my 30 points of food a day and 80 mins minimum a day exercise. Before I started to falter, getting in from work and not doing the exercise. If I do an hour in the morn then only 20 at night which is fine! Finished by half 6 :) Im not sure about my extra points, I'm thinking I might just leave them until I get to 12.8 then I will see how I feel. Might also start having a glass of wine when I fancy a treat as I never drink unless it's to get drunk and actually had one last night and was really lovely and relaxing. Rather than stuffing my face full of food to relax (which doesn't make me very relaxed anyway)! Am going to update this quite a lot so sorry if I bore anyone to death! It's just for me really. Feel free to comment xxx
So far so good :) bought some trousers today for work as all mine are not big/small enough. I got to the position of being so close to 14 that chucked all my yuk 16's that were falling to bits so now nothing for work! So have bought two pairs of 16's for work from new look. I have some 14's that really want to fit into soon. I've had porridge for breakfast and slim fast for lunch. Gonna have a banana and satsuma mid afternoon then home for dinner. 25 mins exercise and maybe a bath and might do my tanning (johnsons). Anyway see you all later! Xxx
Yay, had a lovely evening. Green Thai prawn curry cooked by husband, glass of White wine and some fruit. Gone from 13.5 to 13.2 which must have been all the food I ate as opposed to actually fat. Must have 'only' put on 4 of 7 lol.

My friends who I haven't seen for ages are coming over on the 2nd, we're meant to be going out. Going out = lots of alcohol = LOTS of hangover food. Now I don't want to not go out, but I dont want to lose my way either. And also I want to be able to go out and not lose my way entirely and put on 5 pounds meaning I have to "start again". So in going to see how I feel in the next week. I've got prior hurdles to get over first!

Got a looong day today, work all day then Uni at 6 till 9. Sp is quite difficult not being ravenous by the time I get home. I'm gonna have a slim fast bar at 2 and then a packet of snack a jacks and a banana and then dinner when I get home xxx
Oops just seemed to have eaten two bags of french fries. But I need to get out of thinking I've done something wrong and go into binge mode! Today had 9 points, that still leave 21 so not like I've done something massively wrong!

Anyway, have done my 40 mins exercise this morning so 40 tonight. Have a really early work appointment tomorrow (leave at 6) so somehow don't think I'll be doing my morning exercise. Will do my evening though xxx
Wow it's early! Didn't lose any weight this morning due to the colossal amount of potato but I also had a pitta with peanut butter. But anyhoo! Off to my appointment now see you all later xxx
Hi well done on starting again and good luck with getting to goal , we weigh nearly the same so I will stalk you to see how your finding it. Exercise could you not do it 5 days a week and give your muscles 2 days rest?
Anyway hope weigh in will be good xx
Well. Haven't been here for a while. I'm still the same weight generally. Which I should see as a positive not a negative. I want to lose this weight so much and have some goals as per below. I feel like my previous diary wasn't real and I hadn't really got to the core of what was really going on with me. Im going to make an effort to be honest and real, and if I do have a blip, I'm not going to just go off of here. This is a journey. I should be proud that I have maintained, it's more than I have been able to do before, and to be honest I should treat it as a learning curve, quite frankly helping me in the future. I know I can maintain, which I wasn't able to before and is a massive achievement. I don't feel it though. I just want to get the rest of this weight off. I will get the rest of this weight off.

Will post later x

Goal 1 - 12 something. 29.2
Goal 2 - 12.6
Goal 3 - 11 something 27.0
Goal 4 - 11.6
Goal 5 - 10 something 24.7
Goal 6 - 10.9!!! 24.0 FINAL GOAL!
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Grr it's so annoying I just want a magnum! Why can't I do it just for one day? I keep trying to get up in the morning but it's just not working. Excuses excuses... Zumba tomorrow! Night x
S: 12st5lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st2lb(17.34%)
You'll be fine...I'm sure a magnum can't be too bad! I think my diary has helped hugely in keeping me on track since November! I make a point of adding to my diary most days after dinner, it definately helps! Good luck and well done on the maintaining!!! x
Aww thanks! I didn't have a magnum in the end I had a twister :) it's more the psychological benefits, as I still feel on track. I'll have a look about for your diary when im on the comp, the app on my phone doesn't let me do much searching! X
Had to muster all my strength to go to Zumba. What's wrong with me? I tell you what if they could bottle motivation that would be the best kind of diet ever! If you got it you got it, and if not, it takes bloomin everything to make yourself exercise! And it's zumba, I love Zumba! Bye for now. X

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