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  1. MrsB2014

    MrsB2014 Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I started Slimming World over 10 weeks ago and I have lost 13lb's - which considering I suffer from under active Thyroid's and other health problem I have not done too bad....I still have a way to go, I decided I don't want to be left with the baggy/saggy skin, I am still young only 28 years old and my doctor said if you join the gym and tone up as you go along.

    Well I have an induction on Saturday and very scared because the last time I went to the gym, I only stuck with it for around 4 months because I felt everyone was staring at me and I felt being fat I didn't fit in there.

    What I am asking is the gym the bet place to go to tone up as I carry on with my weight loss or do you think purchasing some weights and a running machine is better? I work for a medical supply chain, so can get discounted gym stuff.

    Thanks in advance :)
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  3. MrsB2014

    MrsB2014 Member

    Anyone give any advice??
  4. Rexy99

    Rexy99 Member

    I think it depends on your lifestyle, how much time you have etc and how much money you want to spend. I joined a gym but then ended up not going very often and feeling bad because I'd paid for it, so I cancelled the membership and now try and walk (fast, so I get out of breath) every day for at least 30 minutes. I put my ipod in and just walk. I noticed a difference all over in a couple of weeks. I also bought some kettlebells and a dvd and that helps too but then I'm quite happy doing that at home, other people prefer to be with other people. I go swimming when I can too. It is amazing how just doing a little bit of exercise here and there can make a difference and I find that when I come in from a walk I don't want to eat biscuits etc.
  5. Super_Sy

    Super_Sy New Member

    Hi MrsB,

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far!:)

    How you lose body fat is entirly up to you. If its in the gym, Great! If its at home, Great! If its on the pavements, Great!

    I run a gym and swimming pool and i often meet people who have put off coming down because of being self-concious about their image in the gym and feeling out of place. I explain to them that everyone is in the gym trying to improve what they have, be it reduce body fat, increase muscle, improve fitness etc. It may feel like people are judging but there not, everyone is judging themselves! Feeling how you're feeling and joining the gym is already a great step, because dispite you having reservations on actually going, you've got your induction booked!

    Say to yourself:

    I'm 19 Stone 4 Pounds!
    I'm going to drasticly reduce my body weight by stripping my body fat!
    It's going to be tough!
    Hell its gonna be harder than that!
    But I'll do it!
    I'll make myself proud!

    Hope your induction goes well today

    Healthy Regards

  6. MrsB2014

    MrsB2014 Member

    Thank you everyone.

    Well back out of the gym induction at the last moment. I am now going out for a walk each night after work, which actually clears your head, it's great.

    To tighten up the flabby bits I am going to invest in some dumbells etc....

    Thank you all for the advice :)
  7. Destamia

    Destamia Gold Member

    Hi, welcome and well done so far. I myself go to gym. I started at 24 st 2,5 lbs and I started gym right away.
    Over the years I have got some stuff at home, but I hardly use them and again over the years I have paid for gyms and didnt go there.
    This time I changed and so far everything goes well.
    What helps me to stay in gym is location. If gym is too far from home , I tend not to go - lazy as I am . Lucky my gym is right around the corner now , so working well for me.
    Lose skin is my big fear too, I have read all I could find about it and 3 weeks ago I got kettlebell from shop. This is amazing.
    And again , I find myself working more hard with the trainer next to me. So I guess all depends of yourself - How you feel better, as at the end- if you not happy about what you do , its not going to work.
    Last bonus for going to gym. People you go gym with notice your weight changing and are very supporting. Only few days ago , lady from my gym told me how much I have changed and that I look great. That made my day and so worth of going gym to .
    Good luck on your journey.
  8. beavis420

    beavis420 Full Member

    I'm a gym junkie these days and I need to go at least 4 days a week otherwise I feel like craps, also recently took up bokwa which is like Zumba but you move to the alphabet and numbers

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