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Weight loss on Refeed Week


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I did! I lost 10lb over 3 weeks on refeed x


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Weighed myself this morn and looks like Im down a bit. Just was getting panicked cos I seem to be eating so much.
Also checked and Im still in ketosis.:)


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iv my Wi this morning agggghhhh its my 3rd week of refeeding, fingers crossed have a bad bad feeling:eek:
I've weighed myself and looks like I've stayed the same was hoping to drop another couple of pounds though. It does worry me that if we maintain eating the portions we are on refeed if we ever try to loose weight with another programme ie weightwatchers etc (need to loose another 1/2 stone but can't go back on LT after refeed for 2 weeks as have to need to loose +1stone or more apparently)back to WW that it won't work. What does every1 think?? xx


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even if you drop no weight on the scales on your refeed week, remember you still have lost fat! Your glycogen stores were empty before you began, and now they're full and weigh 3-5lb! Definitely! This wouldn't apply if you were refeeding for more than one week, and you'd probably lose weight if you did it by the book again incl Day 1-3.

WW seems to still have worked for people on here, so it should work for you.
You just need to figure out how many calories you can burn a day, and reduce it by a little to lose weight! Say if you burn 2000 a day, try 1300 to lose weight, and figure out what it is in WW points.


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