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Weight Loss Plateau

seem to have hit the plateau, whats kinda weird is i have never felt as fit, just the weight loss has come to a halt and now seem to be keeping the same weight, losing a pound or so and gaining a pound or so.

whether its just gain in muscle which i have noticed, or me i dunno

i need something more to shed the pounds, i am doing excercise EVERY day for 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs (treadmill, running out with dog, weights, and sit-ups etc) i also bought a cardio watch and strap, according to that burning around 800 - 900 cals a night.

i just need to see MORE drop off, i know i have plenty of time to get to what i need to i think because i have had good success from start, i want more from it..

i know its prob just me been impatient lol

anyway rant over :rolleyes:
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I Will Do It :)
You have done brilliantly so far and I have not got much advice other than stick in!!

If you are exercising more it could be a build up of muscle that is causing you to not drop the pounds! Do you keep track of your measurements as you are more than likely losing that way!!

Sorry not much help didnt want to read and leave without trying to help!!

You are doing so well

Claire x
Very good info Claire! Yes hun you sound like you are doing amazing! Keep it up!!! Thats the same way i am..i actually gain weight in muscle..so i have to go by measurements
Yes just stick at it for another few weeks and hopefully you'll start to lose again, it could be as Claire said muscle building up. But if you're still plateauing after a few weeks, then maybe you need to try mixing it up a bit, maybe calorie cycling to make your metabolism get going again. Thing is when we stick to the same amount of cals day in day out, our bodies get used to it and it slows our metabolism down. But by calorie cycling, say eating a couple hundred more calories on two different days of the week, your metabolism will get going again. there are some good calorie cycling calculators online if you google it.

I've just had to change plan because of a plateau :( But all going great now :)
ok ok lol i actually weighed in this morning at 16.11 which isnt too bad i guess, i have laid off the slimfast for a week and turned to a sandwich at dinner, still having low cal snacks and porridge for breakfast, still under shake cals. going to give it a week or so th en go back, to boost metabolism up and get it to start losing again :)

will add pics tonight hopefully

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