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  1. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    As you guys can see from my sig, i only lost about 1KG last week and i was gutted. I have been sticking to the diet 100% and it will be my third week wednesday.

    Can anyone suggest anything to help? Should i refeed for a week and then restart to get the old metabolism going again? or should i just continue. I have been checking the scales last few days and seem to be stuck around 13 stone 2.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    - Minimin x
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  3. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•

    Its pointless stopping just to get your metab going again - its already going. Youd set yourself back further by deciding to eat. You cant expect big losses every week. 1kg = 2.2lbs ... thats a great loss in 1 week and i cant see why some think its a small loss. Every loss is great - no matter how big or small you may think it is. At the end of the day whatever the loss its pure body fat off your body!!!!!!!!
  4. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Do you drink enough water hun? Because if you are not having enough you'd be slowing you weight loss drasticly xx
  5. Jeep

    Jeep Otherwise known as Jools

    Have you 'been' properly. I know that on this diet there is not a lot to pass but it might help if you take some Senokot or Dulcolax to help things along. As said above you might need to increase your water intake as that might help too. And of course things to even out across the course of the weeks. Some of us have had low losses one week but a massive one the following week. Keep at it and things will be ok :D :D
  6. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    I have not really been going properly i dont think, only very little every 2 days or so if anything. Do any of the above mentioned meds affect ketosis?
  7. Jeep

    Jeep Otherwise known as Jools

    No I dont think that Senokot or Dulcolax affect Ketosis - a lot of us have been taking them whilst on LT. Its worth a try and may help you along a bit.
  8. charl-x

    charl-x Full Member

    my losses vary to i havnt cheated once neither xx
  9. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    As the weeks go on, obviously the weight will slow down, some people I've seen have had small losses around weeks 3-5, and usually, the following week, you get a larger one.

    2lbs is a good weight loss. I used to frown upon a 2lb loss, but thinking about it, would I be able to that normally? 2lbs is quite a bit of weight you know. Ever held 2lbs of meat? it's not that light you know :)

    Sometimes, we lose less in weight, but what about our appearance? this is the fun part because, I find that sometimes when the scales say a small weight loss, I've had a loss in fat. I find that I have lost inches. One time, I lost 1lb the first time round on LT, I measured my waist and found it was 1-2 inches smaller.

    As said, it could be water intake, if you're drinking 2 litres, up that by 1/2 litre or even a litre.

    You are doing nothing wrong, you are doing marvalously. So many people haven't managed to even get to the 3rd week, but you have and you can keep going.

    Best of luck hunny :)
  10. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    Thanks hun. Ive take some Senokot today so hoping that helps :S
  11. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    Took senokot and discoflac last night and only went for a little earlier today.

    ahhhhhhhhh what to do???

    pls help
  12. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    I'd recommend that you increase your water intake. Drink at least 3-4 litres a day. Also get a fibre supplement, either fibreclear or psyllium husk capsules and take them every day. The fibre supplement will keep you more regular.
  13. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    i try n drink enough but i tend to drink it in bulks like 4 glasses am, 1 bottle 75cl during day and 4-6 glasses evening
  14. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    Try and keep sipping water through out the day as this will keep you more hydrated than glugging down large glasses. Your bowel needs to draw water in all the time and this helps with the constipation issue.
    I keep a litre bottle with me all the time and drink about two ltrs during the day at work and then drink another litre through the evening. This together with the psyllium husk capsules sees me right.
  15. Minimin

    Minimin Wants to Maintain Gd!!

    do u think its safe for me to take 4 dulcolax in one go o try n help?
  16. irish molly

    irish molly Maintaing LT loss on GL

    4 is too much. A lot of people on here have had a very severe reaction to them as in woeful cramping and needing to be two steps away from the toilet.
    I know you probably feel very bloated and full but unless you are in severe pain for days I think it best to take one or two at most now and drink plenty of water with it. A laxative will take up to eight hours to work. Taking too many can give you severe trots resulting in a loss of potassium. Hope you feel better soon.

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