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Weight loss stopped?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Lsh, 10 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Lsh

    Lsh New Member

    Hi all this is my 1st time posting on here :)
    Just after soe advice, I started sw in July and have currently lost 3 stone 11lb, I set myself mini targets and so far have met each of them with hard work and determination, my biggest target so far is to lose 4 stone by the time I'm 30 next week! I was so close and only needed 4 pound with 4 weeks to go and thought I would well have it by how however my weight loss has stopped! I have tried cramming in speed foods but nothing is working, I'm not a big eater and never have been on the diet, the last few weeks I have been having half a melon for breakfast with 2 hifi lite bars from heb, homemade blended veg soup for lunch and then a normally healthy evening meal slag Bol or something similar. I just can't think why it's stopped, it's not as though I am close to target as I still have over 2stone to go. Can anyone help please? I'm praying for my 3 pound loss on tue in time for my birthday on thurs x
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  3. Jaq

    Jaq Silver Member

    It could be that you're not eating enough and that's why your weight loss has slowed. Are you eating all your syns and healthy extras?
  4. Lsh

    Lsh New Member

    Hi Jaq, I've never been a big eater I just physically can't eat massive amounts, I rarely have healthy a, and generally save my syns up for the weekend when I have 3 bottles of cider which are 10 syn each, unless I have a options hot choc through the week which is 2 syns or a drop of gravy on a meal x
  5. MrsQuadkon

    MrsQuadkon Full Member

    Looks to me like you're not eating enough, quick rough estimate that you're easily eating less than a thousand calories a day. I know slimming world isn't calorie controlled but I always think it's handy when unsure of how much or how little you're eating
  6. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    I agree with the others hun - try mixing things up so you are getting lots of variety as its easy to get in a rut and eat more free foods. Youdo not need to eat huge meals though just eat smaller meals more often :)
  7. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Gold Member

    3 bottles cider at 10 syns each = 30 syns
    Sw say you must have between 35 - 105 syns per week
    So think everyone's right - your not eating enough
  8. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    best advice. Go through your food diary and tot up what you have eaten in calories, just to see. If it is coming in under a thousand there's your problem. You arent eating enough and your metabolism is slowing right down to compensate.

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