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Weight Loss Surgery

Hi I have been reccommended to use this site. I have never used anything like this before so bear with me. I have tried every diet in the book and always start off in a positive way until I hit and emotional point in my life then I start the binge eating and can not stop. I am in this place right now and recently spoke to a friend who has had a gastric bypass, she says that he only regret is not doing it sooner. I am now obsessed with going down this road as I feel that this has taken over my life for long enough. Has anyone got any advice or experience?:cry:
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i know exactly how you feel and have been looking into getting a band done. I wouldnt have a bypass its a bit complicated and band can be adjusted. I am at the end of my tether with diets, i have done VLCD's and lost loads but its just ignoring the fact im addicted to food. I cant not eat ever again! im having to consider doing it again as im putting weight on again but trust me if i had a spare 8k id have a band done tommorrow, just cant afford it. Sorry not much help but just wanted to say your not alone and if you can afford it id do it. I know 4 people who have had it done and they said its the best thing they ever did x


plodding away
I'm in a similar boat. Have given myself this year to sort myself out in some way otherwise will be going for a gastric band. Although like Bubbles if I had the money I would get it done now. Can't get it on the NHS in Wales so would have to pay.

I wish I could stick to a lifestyle change but like you pz as soon as some emotional stress comes my way back to eating I go. Maybe counselling is the way to go?

I do know someone who is having great results from a gastric band - dont know anyone who has had a gastric bypass.

Sorry not much help just wanted you to know you are not alone.l
you do now, me. best 9.2k I ever spent in my life, much more effective than the band, there was bandees there when I went in going for the roux-n-y like me. Dropped from 15 stone 9 to 10 stone in 18 weeks.
BUT recently I have had a long hard sedentary winter, and need to shift 18lbs, so bobbed in here looking for a few tips as some of my mates are on exante, lighter life etc. Hi girls! anyone any tips? i dont eat much but am porking up.
We'll never find you if you hide in here French
over on the exante forum

we like it cos it tastes nice
and it's quite cheap in comparison to other very low calorie diets "vlcd"

no counselling, but you have kept pretty much about the same for a while ? So you don't have that many issues with food anymore?
Hi Mags! x
cant help it, i am a feeder! around 11.5 now, and want to get back down to 10, have had PCOS for 30 years, so cant shift the tyre, is there anywhere in here for pcos peeps?