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weight loss temporary standstill?

hello to all.
I am wondering if someone can help me out as i am getting down here and quite upset actually.
My weight loss seems to be non exsitant in the last few weeks.
last time recorder was on the 19th and that was a 1lb loss however it seemed to flucuate up and down over the same and next day.
Week after that i seemed to either stay the same or have a pound up and its same this week.
I dont know whats going on as i didnt change nothing with my eating and its still very controlled and light and watched the amount.I did feel kinda constipated and bloated for past two weeks and even took some herbal remedies but that didnt seem to change nothing.I dont know if to trust my scales as they are only cheap ones. and i cannot tell if i dropped inches as i didnt measure myself:(
last week i upped my exercise from 2- 5 times a week on the stationary bike.
on a fat burning mode which takes 40 mins and the result says i burn 500kcal and do 20-23 km.
thought it would budge this week but no :(
im a week away from the time of the month so dont know if its water retention or what?
its getting me down as i cant tell if im doing something wrong and if things are changing.
im not going to give up just wishing i could tell its all working.
does anyone have any advise? its hard for me to do any other exercise and fit all around 2 young children.
all help will be appreaciated greatly.
thank you for your time and reading.
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It is frustrating isn't it .. :mad:

If it was me, i would up my water intake .. water is great for bloatedness & will help with your digestion, maybe try to eat more wholemeal stuff & veggies too to get things moving.

Other than that, i would carry on as you are .. i always feel your body is testing your nerve when you hit a block & no weight comes off, don't let it win!

Best of luck, i'm sure its only temporary ..
hiya thank you for your reply.
i do drink betwen5-8 glasses of water and apart from rice i eat all wholemeal or granary. i just thought that with me upping my exercise from 2,3 times to 5 times it would make a difference but nothing:(
i dont sit much as always got something to do around and eat breakfast thats always cereal( fruit and fibre) or oats with few nuts and dried fruit, 2 slices of bread a day for lunch, a yoghurt pot, dinner that we always try and make healthy and i cut down my portion and i have a occasional snack in the evening but healthy and little.
ive been eating more bananas lately(only like 1 a day) so maybe thats doing something?
its very frustrating cos i cant tell if im doing any good and i was planning on getting to 12 st 6th of september.thats loosing 2lb a week and now it all seems like its not going to happen:(

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