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Weight Loss vs. Inches


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My clothes are not getting looser. I've lost almost 34lbs from my max weight, and I've only lost 1 inch around my waist. I'd understand if I didn't have so much fat around my stomach area...but that is where most of my fat sits. If I only lose an inch for every 30lbs, I'll still be above 40 inches when I'm down at goal lol. I'm thinking I've prob just lost it from other places to start with (my face is the most noticeable although I've obv not lost 34lbs from my face alone!), and that it will start coming off other places in turn. It's just frustrating that I don't fit into clothes any better. I refuse to buy new clothes while I'm still losing weight...but maybe I should have done.

From what I pick up generally on here, most people find it the other way round...even when they're stalling on weight loss, they're losing inches?

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hey hun, i ha ve lost quite abit but not that much in inches.. someone said it could be fat around my organs ewe ... but atleast its coming off... it will soon catch up i am sure :) you could wake up one morning and be 2 dress sizes smaller..

a friend of mine did ww andl ost something like 50 pound then suddenly she looked like she had lost it over ni ght .. was well strange, same theory her ww leader also mentioned fat from organs :)


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yes to the fat on the organs, don't be disheartenend as it will drop off you (not the organs) it's just everyone is different during weight loss


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I'll find that I don't lose inches evenly, first it went off my face, some weeks it goes off my tum, last week it all went off my legs and bum. It's really weird, but eventually it all goes. My fingers and wrists are the only places I seem to lose constantly, and they aren't even places I had thought of!

Dee x


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yes my rings are not stuck on my fingers as they have been for the past 5years or so lol


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Nice isn't it? I bought this ring from Swarovski about three years ago with a massive blue crystal on it, just love it but only just got it on my finger for the first time this week. Am completely chuffed and am wearing it everywhere!!


Hi Dreamer,

There's an post on here somewhere which compares weight loss to a kitchen roll (bare with me....)
From what I remember think of a new kitchen roll and think of each sheet on that kitchen roll as being equal to 1lb .
So... as you take the first few sheets from a new kitchen roll it doesn't initially make much difference to the size of the roll....however as each of the sheets come off the roll gets smaller....and as you get closer to the center of the roll each sheet makes a bigger difference to the size....at the beginning a sheet doesn't go all the way round....closer to the core each sheet goes all the way round and then some.
Hope this makes sense;)
I found that my 1st couple of stone off made little difference to my body...my face, wrists, knees to ankles were smaller but the rest...not really....the analogy of '1 stone per dress size' doesn't work for everybody.
Then from 3 stone off and downwards the changes seemed to happen every week.
Please don't get disheartened.....IT WILL COME OFF:)

Hope this helped!!!


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loving the kitchen roll story and yes it's so true i've never looked at it that way before so thanks


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Wow all great replies, thanks for that :) I never thought about losing the fat internally where it might not make much difference to the exterior in the short term. Plus that kitchen roll story makes alot of sense to me. I had wondered if I'd go down sizes quicker when I'm a bit lighter (cos I had thought people about 9stone, if putting on a stone might go up a dress size or 2, but at 18stone, if you put on a stone, you prob won't go up a dress size even, cos percentage-wise you've not put on as much). Anyhow, the kitchen roll analogy is excellent.



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i find it different.iv lost over 3 stone in 12 weeks plus 37 inches.my cdc measures me every week cause the inches drop off so quickly:D
Love that kitchen roll thing!Georgie told me about that and I think it is so true
I found my weight loss and inch loss has been a very strange thing.Initally lost 7 inches off waist in first stone and a half,but in the last 5 stone only lost another 3 off my waist.I went down sizes very quickly at the start,but have slowed down in sizes slower now.I seem to have stayed at a 16 for the last couple of stone,although they are starting to get looser!
I think at the end of the day this is another of those individual things.Just stay on track and you will get to your ideal weght and size!
Don't panic! I was similar to you. 1st 2 stone I lost very quickly & it was barely noticeable. Then little things happened, I fit in the bath better, my trousers fell down! & I started to see a difference in the inches. Most of my inch loss happened at times when there was little weight loss, makes no sense but its come off in the end, so will for you too!


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Don't panic! I was similar to you. 1st 2 stone I lost very quickly & it was barely noticeable. Then little things happened, I fit in the bath better, my trousers fell down! & I started to see a difference in the inches. Most of my inch loss happened at times when there was little weight loss, makes no sense but its come off in the end, so will for you too!
Wow, you've lost 75lbs according to your ticker! Well done :D

Thanks for the encouragement, it's nice to know other people have been through similar but come out the other side if you know what I mean

Not a problem hun, so many people picked me up when I was going through tough times & thinking I'd be dieting forever! I'm actually considering coming back to CD, I miss those big losses & where I'm at now could be at goal in 2 months. I think part of me likes meandering along slowly so I get used to the new me though. Ah who knows! It takes a lot longer for your head to catch up with the losses than your waist!


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aha, so there is hope! I have lost 11-12" from both my bust and my waist and absolutely zilch, zip, nada from my bum and thighs! Hurrah if there is hope on the horizon, B&T seem to be having none of it!

mikki x
OMG, it feels like I have wrote this thread! Just what I was thinking! :D


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It's amazing how people all lose weight in different ways, and also the different things that feel motivational to them also (e.g. the ring fitting is a nice one). I kinda feel no matter how I lose weight, or what I feel, there would be someone here who has been through or feels the same too.


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I'm sure you'll start to see the inches coming down soon, weight loss affects people in so many different ways.

most people say their boobs get smaller but mine actually get bigger in cup size everytime I lose weight - weird the human body!

Well done on 34 lbs, that's amazing!
i love the kitchen roll story!!! its made me think ok stick with it hopefully a wee bit more and i really will start seeing the difference!!! ive lost 35lbs now and ive only really dropped one/two dress size (started at size 20/22)....i can get into some size 16 in some shops (not many!!) hoping once i get over the 3 stone mark ill get to a comfy size 16 in most shops!!

i hope i hope i hope!!

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