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Weight loss

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Its different for everyone hun.
The first week, even 2 weeks is normally the best losses :)

Its slows down after that but is still more effective than say WW or SW


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Do you mean, as in compared to doing SS?

Cos if so, bizarrely enough, the rate of weight loss is approximately the same - it makes something like half a pound difference a week - if that.
Hi Hon

I lost 4 stone in 3 months doing SS+ i don't think they are any different really xx
I never realised there was no difference. So do people only do SS because they dont want any food temptation?


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That's why I'm doing SS, yes. I find - especially in the early stages - that if I eat anything, even if it's legit on SS+, a little switch in my brain flips and tells me I'm cheating. :confused:

So it's easier to just do SS. Of course, it's also a bit cheaper to do SS, cos you've got to buy the stuff for your 200 cal meal or extra shakes if you're doing SS+.

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