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When did you and others start to notice your weight loss?

I have been dieting for nearly two weeks now, but 100% SW for one week as i didnt have the books before.

Usually takes about 5-6weeks before i start showing some weight loss, these next few weeks are soooo hard :sigh:

I'm so impatient, i want to see results straight away lol :p
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haha i know how you feel, i started SW on weds 12th, so it's not even been 2 weeks YET.
I need to resist the urge to jump on the scales every 5 mins and i am desperate to see some kind of change!!


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Me too.Ive been slimming for 2 weeks almost but only doing the slimming world the last few days.Close friends and family do say oh u can definatly see u have lost weight. But are they just saying it to make u feel better?


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I've been doing SW since early December (but was basically off plan for 2 weeks over Christmas / New Year). Hubby tells me that my bum is getting smaller but I think that's wishful thinking. However my work trousers are a little looser, particularly at the top of my legs under my tummy. The next size down are still a long way from fitting but hopefully will be in them by end of Feb!


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I'm starting to notice a little difference, mainly in my stomach. Whenever I diet, my stomach is the first place I notice it. I've been on plan about 2.5 weeks, but its only really been in this last week I've felt a difference in my shape.

The first couple of weeks are hard but stick with it! I've been focusing on how much healthier I feel for eating better foods, can't describe it other than I just feel better in myself.


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Keep with it ... u will definately start noticing the difference soon xxx


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Just as a guide for people who have similar amounts to lose from me:

I started to feel it from about 10lbs (although that happened quite quickly so it might have been noticeable from a bit less if I had lost more slowly). My family said that they could see it at about that too.

The first 'other' people to notice made comment at about 2 -2.5 stone (but not that many) and then from 3-3.5 stone absolutely loads of people have noticed including people that I have only met once or twice and clients at work.

I seem to be dropping roughly 1 clothes size per stone although I expected that to be closer to 1.5 stone per clothes size (and maybe that will be the case as I continue ?).

Good luck all of you. Stick to the plan and you may be surprised at how quickly you see results.

Gail x


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I think that's a fair comment. I knew I had lost the weight after about half a stone but it wasn't until 1.5st that others noticed, mainly because I dropped a dress size and my clothes were baggy!

One of our family members used to comment before I started dieting: "your looking thinner" when I actually wasn't! I was gaining more weight than anything lol


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Dont you just love it when people say you've lost weight! :D :D

(And hate when people say you've gained, pisses me off as if we dont know we dont need to be told!)


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Dont you just love it when people say you've lost weight! :D :D

(And hate when people say you've gained, pisses me off as if we dont know we dont need to be told!)

my partner used to keep me goin by sain wee things like that as a joke ..... the joke was on him wen one day i pretended to be an emotional wreck and cried (made myself do it lol).....he didnt no wat to do and hasn't wound me up since .......result lol x
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when i first started dieting about 3 years ago, i was huge and it took abpout 10 months for people to comment to me. They did though ask hubby had i been ill as i looked to be losing a lot of weight, but, hubby, told them to tell me that they'ed noticed;)


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I've been on sw since nov 10 and can tell a bit in my everyday clothes but today I thought I'd try on my work trousers (that haven't fitted me since I qualified in jan 09!!!) and they fastened!!! Hooraahh!!! Ok I can't breathe when I wear them but I'm hoping be wearing them sometime in feb


my trousers are definitely getting baggier but i've been told i've only lost 3pounds. i am doing more walking and i've gone off booze so i don't know whether it's just me not being as bloated rather than weightloss?
i've also eaten before every weigh in which will stop so i'll see if my weightloss improves.


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I always notice the weight loss straight off my stomach. Whenever I get to target and go back out of it lol, it all goes back to my belly and within a few weeks back on plan I feel great again.
When I first started sw the weight came off my boobs really quick too, within a month my bra's were baggy lol!
Now im trying to work on getting my bum and thighs toned.
I always recommend people to measure up themselves too, as those weeks when the lbs don't show on the scales you can still lose a few inches xxx


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In two weeks I have noticed a huge difference! I can see the difference in my face, my waist feels more toned and slimmer, my clothes fit me better and some are really loose. My knickers were literally falling off me last night, I kept justifying it by saying that maybe they had lost their shape in the machine... I measured myself today, and found I have lost 8.5 inches - 2 inches off my hips in a week! I recommend measuring yourself weekly, and taking regular photos of yourself.
Everyone is different, some people will lose the weight more quicker than others but if you stick to it, and add the body magic you'll see results! Oh and I am very impatient too so I totally understand how you feel!
Good luck, I hope you see results quickly! :)