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weight loss


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Can i ask a question...

I was wondering.. do you think that the bigger you are the quicker you lose? my aunty seems to think that bigger / heavier people lose weight quicker than ppl with less to lose.

does xenical work this way? does it help you to lose if you weigh alot?

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Hi Sona

You burn more calories walking 3 miles if you are larger than a small person (if you get what I mean)

15 stone - burn 350 cals
10 stone - about 200

Obviously your body burns calories just doing things during the day, again the larger you are the more calories you burn.

Xenical does not help you lose weight in medical terms, it is there to help you resist the things that stop you losing!

I hope this helps.

Julie x
Yes I do think the heavier you are, initially you will have bigger weight loses, however those will not be constant. In my first month on Xenical I lost 11 pounds, next month was 9 or 10. A year down the line, I am consistently losing approx 1lb per week. I do expect that in some point in the future I will plateau for a bit, as at some point your body has to adjust a bit to the weight loss.
Xenical did not make me lose the weight quicker though, Xenical forced me to take control and stop the bingeing. The low fat diet made me lose weight, and is still making me lose weight.
I agree. I always seem to drop the first bit of weight really quick, and can lose a stone in no time on slim fast, but after that I just plateau.

I think that's the hard bit about dieting for me, I get disheartened too easily and I'm too impatient.

The only way to do it really is a complete lifestyle change, I don't see this as a diet, I see it as training my mind to the way it should be, and then sticking that way (minus the Xenical of course at some point!)
That's the way I see this too. This is not a diet for me, this is a permanent life style change. In the past I've set myself targets to reach, and I always ended up sabotaging my efforts, so this time, its no diet, no goals, no target, just changing my life and losing the weight :)
I've always thought that the bigger you are the more you lose initially but it will level off as it would for anybody else. As long as I lose at a steady pace I'll be happy.


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ok so i got the answer to my question!!
thank you everyone!!!

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