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Weight Morning to Evening.


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That's because you've eaten and drank all day so obviously you'll weigh heavier than when you weigh in the morning after having eaten nothing for 8 hours or however long you were asleep for.


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Mine varies by a couple of pounds from morning to evening, and then from either of those to weigh in at class.


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I am often 5lbs heavier in the evening especially if i haven't drunk enough during the day or if my ankles are swollen xx The recordings I take most notice of, are my weekly weights i do myself first thing in the morning after a wee and with just a t shirt on. I feel that is more accurate than one taken at the end of a working day when there are so many variables depending on what i have been doing and what i have beeen eating or drinking.


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Thats normal hun. I drink lots of water and i never weigh of an evening as my WI is the morning! So dont worry. Its unbelieveable how much your weight can fluctuate throughout the day. xx


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mine is usually around a 2lb difference morning to evening my scales are more or less the same as the ones at my class, in fact if anything the class ones are a little more generous to me. I know we should only weigh in once a week, but I have an ocd with it

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