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Weight Sabotage

How about saying 'oh thankyou! I'll save them for after my weigh in night, or I'd better find out the syns but they do look lovely?' not sure if that would suit but just an idea:)
You don't have to say you're losing weight but just say you're cutting down on treats and want to eat a little bit more healthily. Take something slimming world friendly in of your own and that way you're not missing out.


Addicted to Cheese
Sometimes its not easy to just say no! But its what is needed.

I have decided that out of my 70 syns a week (a minimum), to allow around 10-20 spare for little problems in school. So if they say "here have a chocolate i go ok, have one, syn it at around 3-4 normally, and then you dont get the "oooooh go on" as i can say nah ive had one, dont want another ill spoilt my dinner! kinda of thing. Know it wont work for everyone but i think its the only way im gona cope! There are always cakes and chocolates around. Thinking might take in some of my own - they hate the fact that i manage to cook and they are too lazy ;) xx
I keep stashes of low-syn treats available so when i'm offered something and I don't have enough syns left, I'll whip out my own treat and say 'no thanks, i've got this yoghurt/mousse/biscuit etc'.
If someone has brought treat things in for the whole team, I tend to make quite a fuss, such as 'Oh so-and-so they look fabulous/tasty/gorgeous, oh I'll have one of them later, thanks/thank you so much/you're so kind'..... usually they dont actually ask you if you have had one later, so they are none the wiser and you've been very greatful (without eating the syn-ful treats).
I used to say I had just eaten x, y and z and might have one later as I would pop otherwise! I know how you feel, I kept it quiet for a bit but it got really difficult not explaining why I was taking my own food round to my boyfriend who lives with his parents so in the end I just mentioned it and it has been fine - if anything, better as they were and are so supportive and my biggest congrats came from them when I reached two stone :)
Thank you so much for the advice. Lots of tips to take on board. Will also look on the board for more low syn value treats to take in to work:). Just don't feel ready to tell all of them until I've lost a bit more weight:)
Cam x

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