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weight, shape, dress sizes etc.

Hello everyone,

It always fascinates me how people people of similar/same weights can wear vastly different dress sizes. It's amazing.

I've been looking at everyone's before and afters and it's amazing the changes. Some people have gone down to a size 10, which is great.

I know however that I am unlikely to ever squeeze into a 10, even at my goal weight. What I found is that right now, even as heavy as I am, I am far too big for a 20 and fit quite comfortably 18s,16s, sometimes 14s.

When I was at my smallest (145-150) I was in a 14. Whereas others would probably be a 10 or something. I doubt I will ever be able to fit a 12 much less 10.

I'm sure it has to do with size of frame and fat distribution etc. but I just find it really interesting. Like no one can ever believe that I have as much to lose as I do.

What's even more bizarre is that even with all the weight I am going to lose, there will be little difference in my dress size.

Oh well, as long as I look good and am healthy. :D

What do you all think?
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I'm the same!!! Even when at my heaviest people thought I was around a 14 when I was an 18 to 20! It always takes me much, much longer than others to go down a dress size, I'd say about 3 times as many pounds, particularly on my lower half... I'm two pounds off goal at the moment and wearing a 14 and people think I'm around a 10 size wise.

Having a sneaking suspiscion though that with a couple more pounds I might well be in a 12 bottom - which has never happened. All very odd!


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I am small so although I can be very overweight my size never went over a 20, although a friend who is a lot taller and of a similar BMI (weighed alot more) was a size 26. On the negative though it means that even if I get to a size 10 I will probrably still be overweight, as I should probrably be a size 8 (never going to happen)

I wouldn't put to much into clothes sizes, I currently have clothes that fit that range from a size 12 to a size 18... while I would say I was a size 16. Go figure!
There's a thread about the differences in sizes between shops which I know to be true as I have items in my wardrobe from 12 to 22 - currently I am mostly wearing size 14 trousers but wouldn't be depressed if they were a 16 from other shops as I'm still the same size and shape. It's a mistake to set too much store by sizes (although I may just squeeze into a 12 at goal)
I know what you mean. I'm taller than the average and I think I'll be a 12 at the early 11 stones. I'm currently a size 14 and I am in the early 12 stones; it's really puzzling. It's to do with where the weight is distributed on your body, so I'm quite fortunate as my hips aren't very big which means I don't have problems with skirts/trousers etc. For example, someone who is apple shaped and weighs the same as someone who is pear shaped, may be a different size to the pear shaped person due to the fact the weight is distributed elsewhere.
It is strange..........but life would be boring if we looked the same! :) I'm short at 5'1 i'm currently 10.10 and a size 12 top and 14/12 bottom and i've still got over a stone 2 get to the top end of my healthy BMI so will prob end up between a 10/12? Which is amazing to think since when i started this diet i was 18/16!
But I dont feel any slimmer, my head hasn't caught up with my fast weight loss! xx
I'm 17st and I've heard from a lot of people that at around this weight I should be in around size 22 but I fit comfortably into 14/16/18 - I think it all depends on the shop. But it is strange, I suppose if you carry a lot of weight on your stomach and boobs you'd be a bigger dress size and vice versa with carrying a lot of weight on your legs.

But I think everyone looks fantastic after they loose weight however little! It affects the skin, hair, radiance and personality!


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i'm a size 10, and i'm 11st 10! People are horrified when i tell them how much i weigh...but i had no idea that i would ever get to this size.....i just wanted to "lose"....
People were telling me to stop dietting at size 14 and 14 stone!!! lol
Insane really!

I only have xs, s, 8's or 10's in my wardrobe and yet i'm still classed as "overweight"

Im a size 14 and weigh 12'9 im 5 foot 4 and have over 2 stone to goal... which i'll be around a size 10 by then. I think alot of it is height etc

No one ever....ever believes how much i weigh lol always estimate couple of stones lighter..i must have heavy blood :D haha