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Weight Watchers App for Iphone


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I just had a quick look on the Apps store and put in Weight Watchers in the search, there's quite a few Points Calculators on there, better to looks through them to see which would suit you best. I use Weight Bot to track my weight, because it's the only tracker that lets you use stones and lbs. It gives you a graph tp track your losses and also gives you a projected time to target based on your losses so far. It's £1.19, so more than the other apps but I find it really useful!

Hope that helps, I'm not doing WW but love my iphone.


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iTracker is really good for tracking your points.. i think there is one called pointscalclite or something along those lines which is recommended by a few people on here.

i would check for you, but my iphone is currently broken :(
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I use 'Edibles', I really like it a lot. You have to create your own calculator yourself by putting in the values (but I am pretty sure it still says how to do that on their site and when I did it, it was super easy). So it not only tracks daily points, weekly points, exercise points, it also has a weight tracker and a calculator...
There is a blog about it here: Starling Fitness » How To Set Up Edibles To Work With Weight Watchers and they have their own website if you google Edibles and iphone..


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I dont spose there are any for the Blackberry too??? lol


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I use edibles-diet journal, its fab, you can set your points for the day and it will show how many you have left on the icon (like when you get email) dead easy to use and you can store all your favs on there, i've been using it for about a year and because its flexible i've also used it to count calories and slimming world syns because you can edit the numbers and the name of what your pointing

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