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Weight watchers food points


Just would like to know in the shopping guide next to all foods there is a certain grams of the food what you was having say for example 1 slice of bread 35 g = 1 point do you have to weigh the bread till it weighs 35 g or just count the 1 point there these all through the book so does it mean you have to weigh each item till it weighs the certain grams like it says in the book or just count the points

With breakfast cereals it says med bowl 30g have you to just have that or can you have more if you want more but you will use points faster if you have more is this true or wont it make much difference.

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An average slice of bread is one point, personally I never weigh bread.

With things like cereals if it says for example 30g is 3 points then if you have 30g count it as 3 points, if you have 40 grams it would be 4 points, 45 grams 4.5 and so on you can have what ever size bowl you want so long as you work out the correct points.

See this thread too for more points advice

I think Starlight posted that link because you asked a similar question yesterday and people took the time to reply to you, but you have asked again today. It's always good to ask questions, but if you only asked the question yesterday it's a bit unfair to all those people who replied to you yesterday to ask it again....it's kind of like saying you don't believe their answers.

Hi OllieB

I dont always know when ive asked the question before how are you doing with the cambridge diet I still think the unit diet is the best because you dont have to count fruit and veg or potatoes think i will give that another go
Bethany give WW a go, you said you found the Unit diet hard because noone else did it and there were no classes. If you look around the threads here youll see that we're all doing well with losses and noone is finding it hard.

I think youd benefit a lot from the support youll get on here, maybe once youve done a successful diet for a while the unit one might be ok to go back to but for now is it really a good idea?
Hi Starlight i started of ok then this afternoon i got hungry had 30g sultana bran for breakfast then 2 small slices toast for dinner with small tin baked beans and 1 ww yoghurt and was hungry mid afternoon
I'm doing well thanks Bethany.

I tried Cambridge for a few days, but really couldn't stick to it. I went back to Jigsaw and have lost 4 lb this week so right back on track :D

Why do you think there's no support with Jigsaw? You should follow the diet that suits you, not the one that everyone else is following. ww is a great diet, but following it just beacuse some members on here follow it isn't a good reason. You should follow the plan that suits you!

You mentioned that you get hungry easily and you don't like the idea of counting fruit and potatoes, then Jigsaw or sw could be for you. ww produces fantastic results, but takes a lot of willpower and organisation. I did ww a couple of years ago and did really well on it (just under 3 stone). I couldn't get on with sw, but love Jigsaw as I find it a healthy diet eating normal food - fish fingers, oven chips, ready meals, choclate ;) .

I have started using the Jigsaw forum and it's fab, I don't understand why you say there's no help on there.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Thats the problem then, youre not eating anywhere near enough. You had 9 points left so there was no reason to be hungry for 9 points you could have had another entire meal.

You HAVE to eat the points WW say you should be using. If you were eating all your points and still hungry that would be different but you wont lose anything eating so many points under your allowance.
Bethany, you'll never stick to a diet (and be successful on a diet) if you have such little to eat. ww set point allowances based on what your body needs. If you don't have your point allowance (within reason) you will be really hungry which will affect your mood, and will cause your metabolic rate to slow down. You should make sure that you have your 27 points. Did you do this on Jigsaw? That might be why you founf it hard...you need your 10 units each day.

Hi OllieB

You did well losing 4lbs on the unit diet I think i will stick with the unit diet and see if i can get settled down with it if you have gone back to it i hope to see you around the boards i agree with what you say you cant have people telling you which diet to do .
So i will watch out for you then if you are around you get alot of nice tips on their forum too .

Hi OllieB

I was hardly eating anything and not eating much for lunch what is you days eating on the jigsaw slimming . it is getting more popular now there is alot of free foods on the jigsaw even tinned fruit in natural juice.

Good Luck
You have to be happy on a diet for it to work. My friend follows scottish slimmers, my best mate follows ww, my mum follows sw, and me my cousin and aunt all follow jigsaw. Between us we are diet masterminds :D We all meet up every fortnight for a cuppa and have some right good debates about what diet is the best....we came to the conclusion that every diet works, the hard bit is sticking to it!

My typical day would be:

Brekky: 4 weetabix & skimmed milk (1)
Snack: Starbucks Vanilla Latte & Skinny Peach Muffin (2.5)
Lunch: Subway Chicken Teriyaki 6" sub (3) and packet of Walkers Lights (1.5) Apple (0) and Satsuma (0)
Snack: Mullerlight (0)
Tea: 4 Fish Fingers (1) Mashed Potato - mashed with skimmed milk (0) and half tin baked beans (0.5)
Dessert: Fresh Fruit Salad (0)
Supper: Cadburys Highlights Hot Chocolate (0.5)

Total 10 units.

That's my fave day, I tend to repeat it a few times each week as it's lots to eat, varied throughout the day and all for 10 units!!

I think the key to all diets is a little forward planning. If you let yourself get hungry that's when willpower starts to drop.

Good Luck.

Ollie youve hit the nail on the head. Diets DO only work if you stick at them and most importantly find the one thats right for you. Unfortunately the magic diet still isnt out there the one that allows us to eat what we want not weigh or count anything and still lose weight. Although with ones like WW, SW and your unit diet theres no reason to be hungry really :)

Any diet involves some element of work and or sacrifices but if youre motivated you know the end result will be worth any small sacrifices you make.

Im glad youre finding the unit diet a good one. Look forward to hearing how youre getting on with it :)
Hiya OllieB

I dont eat as half as much of what you eat i bet thats where im going wrong I am sticking with the unit diet as it seems easy to follow and not much weighing of foods to do
I might see you around the boards what is your username if you want to pm you can anytime it would be nice if we could help one another have you alot to lose i have got 6 to 7 stone to lose .
I started of with ww and i was hungry by mid afternoon could just not go and snack on fruit.
Thanks for your sample of what you have to eat it has helped me
With the units they go along way.

Thanks Again
You know pm when you want
Do you go on the jigsaw forum if you do could we pm each other on there .

Take Care
:) Bethany
I started of with ww and i was hungry by mid afternoon could just not go and snack on fruit.
But thats the whole thing you DONT have to snack on fruit. Fruit can be awful boring after a while ;) Most of us on here snack on well snacks lol Crisps, WW cakes/cookies, I have a curly wurly most days, Im addicted to them :) IF not them then its something like a packet of Low Fat Super Noodles or something. And theres the added bonus of if you havent used all your points, snacking on other things helps use them up.

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