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Weight watchers food

Im not a big fan of quite a lot of it. Hate the sausages and tortillas the most. The crisps are bland. And not a fan of the wee cakes since they changed the recipes. Ready meals I find bland and tasteless too.
The biscuits in twin packs are quite nice and the bagels are ok

Usually I'll cook from scratch or have a lower quantity of higher pp foods as they are so much tastier
i love their lasagne, taglietelle, korma sauce, pasta sauces,crisps, chocolate chip biscuits, eclairs,yoghurts, oh hell i love them all
i must say i haven't found anything WW that i haven't liked yet ! :D ... one of my favourites are the belgiam chocolate cake slice but i love their caramel shortcakes the most !!! :D they are soo sweet and yummy :drool:

also find their sweets really good as if you like to snack you can just have a pack beside the chair and eat a few when you need them ! :D

and i love their layered fromage frais ! at 1pp they're really good ! i like to have one with my breakfast !
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I absolutely LOVE the Heinz WW chicken hotpot. I have no idea why cause it's gloopy and beige but god if I've had a bad day at work and I know one of these bad boys is waiting for me at home, I canny wait! Love to have it with 2 mini yorkies and some peas! Mmm! Only 6pp as well.

Love the caramel wafers and carrot cake slices too. I don't tend to buy the WW other food all that often as I find I don't need to cause I cook fresh a lot but do use the ready meals a lot for work as I never have time for anything else!
I'm d same I tink the ww range is much better now my supervalue do good bits like ww sachets of hot choc only 1pp an sachets of custard, crisps, sauces, mayo, salad cream, bars, biscuits, pittas, bagels,wraps, muffins,all d ranges of cake slices,beans, spaghetti, soups,sandwich,salads and all d frozen meals pizza etc theres a whole isle dedicated to ww!!..... All really tasty I really love the ww fresh pasta 7pp my golly it's amazing it's in the chilled isle!! I also love ww frozen chips and garlic ciabatta or garlic dough balls yummyyy lol!!! All d deserts are nice to especially the Belgian eclairs..,Iceland do great meals an i find tesco do to I find alot of supermarkets do different things tho........haven't tried the ww Carmel shortcake were will i purchase these lol I'm like above I love d whole lot!!!!!!!! :) great for if u not in the mood of cooking fresh :) x
The yoghurts are AMAZING. As are the belgian chocolate eclairs. SO GOOD. Quite like the sun-dried tomato savoury biscuits too.

Lots of stuff is a bit of a ripoff but there are some gems in the range.
Frozen chicken hotpot
Frozen beef hotpot
Frozen chicken and lemon risotto
Annnd that's it, I only really buy the ready meals for a quick lunch.
I did try the spicy meatballs and spaghetti and it was like water!
I also love the chicken hotpot too, perfect when you can't be assed cooking!! Big plate of carrots n green beans with it and 6pp soooooo worth it!!

I actually really like the sausages n so does my hubby. I use the full pack n add some chopped chorizo, chopped onion n peppers kept quite chunky then add tinned tomatoes, passata, garlic n paprika!! Only about 16pp for the whole massive pot which can easily feed me, hubby n the kids!! :)

Also like the yoghurts. I also can't live without the bars at the class esp the rich toffee one!! Oh n the wee mini moments are fab, quite expensive but 1pp for a wee
Mini bar is great. Always keep some in my bag incase of a chocolate emergency!! ;)

I haven't tried loads of stuff but I like the bagels and the yoghurts! Tried the ready meals but I've found the tesco light choices ready meals are a lot nicer and bigger portions for around 9pp. They are good for when I get home from work and I don't want to cook! I quite liked the caramel cake bars, but not a fan of the ww wraps - tesco light choices wraps win for me again haha.
The lemon and chicken risotto is my absolute fave mmmmm!!! Have it with a big plate of veg and it's soooo tasty and filling! I have it at least once a week even when I'm not dieting!
I love caramel wafers 1 pp and the creamy chicken and mushroom pasta frozen meal 9 pp. I also find the part baked ww petit pans lovely for lunches.3 pp each I love my bread lol x x
My absolute fave is the chicken hotpot, it tastes just like chicken supreme we used to have at school lol.

Ive also bought biscuits (lovely), crisps (some not so lovely), yoghurts are a staple and are gorgeous. Not fussed on the bread, its too thin and paper like for me, but on the whole the majority of the things I have tried I do like :)

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