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so as im new i have been sticking strictly to weight watchers only food maybe apart from brekfast wich is usually bran flakes n skimmed milk, dinner is ww soup, then weight watchers meal and lots of veg for tea, snacks are usually weight watchers cheese puffs or caramel wafer or bananna. Oh and go to gym every night and try to burn at least 300 calories do u think i will lose weight following this plan?
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yes for sure, but there are cheaper better alternitives to buy then weight watchers stuff. i have rarely brought ww stuff and have lost 30lbs.

wotsits are great 3 pp, yorkie biscuits 3pp, also tesco light choices meals are low in points and cheaper then ww
#its worth looking else where as in the long run its expensive and there is only limited seletions.
also dont eercise too much as you will add muscle which is heavier then fat, i did this in my first month and sts. are you at a meeting?? if so speck to your leader for some advise
Yeah its just until i get used to the points system but to be fair i have found tesco have a very good selection of WW meals and they have brought some new pots out you can have for lunch. Plus also i have noticed alot of the time they are on offer for a £1 so its working out cheaper to buy them for me :)


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try iceland as well, they have a good range of ww meals and are between £1 and £1.50 and try poundland for ww snacks and crisps. If you stick to your points and your exercise you should shift fat in no time
oh really, i usually pop into tesco garage as over the road too me and they dont seem to have the deals they have in the big store as if they were on deal i would buy a few.
ohhh pound shop is good. the tomato and basil crackers are yummy
Melissablowes said:
also dont eercise too much as you will add muscle which is heavier then fat, i did this in my first month and sts. are you at a meeting?? if so speck to your leader for some advise
The whole muscle weighing more than fat confuses me! I asked my leader about this and she said that muscle does not weigh more than fat, that muscle is more dense than fat but weighs the same.
She also said that sometimes we can be unrealisic about how much we can eat in exchange of what we have exercised off, and I must admit that I have been guilty of this in the past!

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1lb weighs 1lb regardless wether it's fat or muscule, but 1lb of muscule is smaller than 1lb of fat!!! Google images of 1lb fat compared to 1lb of muscule!! It's quite shocking what 1lb of fat looks like!! Lol xxx
eeewwwww thats disgusting,lol, but its good to see how much we are losing each week , quite an eye opener
Check on e bay they might have a cheap pro points calculator , that way you can work out the points on anything and will be a lot cheaper than buying ww stuff cos it can be quite expensive x x


if you have an iphone theres a app called iwatcher which 79p.... i tend to have weight watchers food alot as its low in points and means i can have more ! lol, i do have tescos light stuff as well but depends wot u want really... as for the exercising i do between 3-5 hours a week sometimes more only thing is that i tend to eat most of my exercise points as well otherwise i dont loose but everyone is different x
Muscle needs more water so that's why exercising can make it look as though you've put on weight - extra water. So my instructor at the gym told me anyway. I'd rather stay the same and have started toning up though, so for me...exercise over a huge weight loss :D

30 minutes every night? You'd be better doing an hour three times a week and getting some weights in there too.

Good luck :)
Well done for exercising!!!!
People appear to be too hung up on the scales.....exercise is essential as not only will u lose weight, u will change shape and are more likely to maintain the weight loss and your new healthier lifestyle. Exercise is also necessary to keep your heart strong. When u have muscle u burn more calories doing day to day stuff anyway. Muscle is always better than fat, so look at the bigger picture rather than what weighs more and all that! X
Keep up the good work :)

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