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Weight Watchers foods that are definitely worth the cost.


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So I'm pretty cheap when it comes to food ;) I try and make everything from scratch and figure out how many points are in it, so until now I've avoided the official WW foods. But today I picked up some of the chocolate mousses in Tesco that are 2 points each and they are LUSH!!

I've always sort of looked at the cookies etc and thought....for a 1 1/2 point cookie I'd rather spend the extra point and have a Kit Kat which has real chocolate on it. But these mousses were absolutely heavenly!!

So what other official WW foods are your favourite? And are worth the (none too cheap in most cases) cost ;)
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The desserts are amazing. My favorite is the Banoffee dessert it tastes soooo good. Morrisons had them on special offer but now its back to the normal price which is ashame. I shouldn't eat them as I have a wheat/gluten intolerance but I don't care. I love the biscuit base at the bottom with caramel I thinks.....Mmmmm delicious :D
Theres a couple of things I like... But you may not so dont hold me to anything! ;)

I love the WW Choco topped desserts. I think there 3.5 points each.
I also like the rasberry and white choco biscuits.
And I like the spinach and chicken lasagna (Chilled) Yum.
Ww chips are goood!! 2 points per 120g and the desserts are 3 points.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I like the puds and yoghurts, also have the mini victoria sponge cakes. Nothing else seems to last or be worth it price wise.


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The yoghurts are something I buy each week and are £1 for a pack of 4 in Asda!
I love the yoghurts chicken and spinach lasagna and their chicken noodle soup!!


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I love the little bags of mini cookies, chocolate orange chips. You get 5 bags within a large bag (can't remember how much they are roughly £1.60ish) and 1.5 pts a bag.
Got to agree about the mini victoria sponges they are brill. I had one of them for my birthday with a candle on top. I thought I can still have cake on my birthday!!
Caramel whip bars you get in class. They are like mars bars.
Sticky toffee pudding on a Sunday after a roast tops of my meal 3.5 pts
Chocolate/toffee or strawberry/raspberry mini pots of ice cream 1.5pts
Caramel shortcake iced dessert 2 pts
Wow, that's got me craving something sweet now!!


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I think most of the stuff I buy the supermarket own-brand equivalent low fat stuff e.g. 'Be Good To Yourself' or whatever they are. But, having tried A LOT of WW foods, I still always buy the yoghurts (because I'm yet to find another yoghurt that comes in at 0.5 pts!) and I've had the sticky toffee puddings and they are pretty good. Other than that I'm an own-brand girl all the way!
For your cookies/jams/mayo/crisps/baking mixes best bet is poundland as they are always fully stocked and normally 2 for 3 offers and again for a quid each cant complain!

For Frozen meals and desserts it's iceland and cool traders that mainly do the quid per one off, in your morrisons/asda/tesco they tend to be 1.30 each or on offer for 4 for £5 but not on the luxery ones just the normal ones :) though last time i checked it was save 50p on the pies making them £1.50 for two amazing! :) it's just about looking around really tbh good luck xx
I usually buy the yogurts every week for taking to work. And I looooove the frozen brownie desserts. Yummy yummy! I don't tend to buy the biscuits or chocolates as I like to treat myself to a curly wurly which is only 2.5 points and so worth it. I used to buy the ww cheese puff crisps until I discovered velvet crunch. Mmmmmm. Oooh I'm feeling a bot peckish now.......
It's worth looking at the Tescos Light Choice range, they have the points all on them in red circles, and they're usually cheaper than the WW branded stuff. Same with Morrisons Eat Smart range.
They quite often have the WW Jar Sauces, like the Tikka sauce, the sweet n sour, pasta sauces, on "2 for £2" offers in supermarkets too, which works out cheaper than the dolmio ones sometimes :D
The WW Soups, if you are a soup fan are usually like "4 for £2" or something like that, so wait to stock up when you see a good offer on them if you like soup.
And Asda quite often has the cake slices on "£1" deals, saving a few pennies.

Think that's the lot for the WW stuff that I know of just now...!!
Just bought the new chocolate profiterole dessert from sainsburys today as part of their 4 for £5 deal. Havent tried it yet but it looks so nice. Also got 2 of the chilli and wedges and a tomato and basil chicken with wedges - i love them both and they are great for when i need a quick dinner after finishing work late.

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