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  1. Racheldublin

    Racheldublin Full Member

    Anyone else buy Octobers?

    Wondering if anyone made any of the recipes?or found any tips good

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  3. lydia150970

    lydia150970 Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    I made the fish pie and I thought it was really nice, good sized portion as well.
  4. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    i have it but not tried any of the recipes yet :) .... i've been so busy i've been living on quick cook foods / ready meals lately ..... was really happy today though as i did a home-made vegetable soup this evening .... filled my whole pressure cooker with it (1.5 litres) and its all 0pp :D
  5. Racheldublin

    Racheldublin Full Member

    Well done, u have just inspired me to bring soup with me to work for lunch tomo.. Thank u! Hehe

    Love the magazine it gives me a little boost of motivation during the month,

    Weigh in tomo wish me luck

  6. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    hehe glad to help :)

    yep me too. and i always get to my meetings when they open so normally have half hour to sit around waiting for it to start so i find it gives me something to do, lol :)

    ohh good luck for tomorrow !! xxx

    .... i have WI on Thursday morning so tomorrow is a light foods day for me, lol :) ..... looking forward to thursday as i need some weeklies back. i have such a bad weekend (my mates wedding weekend, so buffet snacky bits friday night. croissant and bacon sandwich saturday breakfast then set meal dinner then buffet tea + drinks, then i had a chinese for tea sunday night as i figured i's have it this weekend while i was already off track, then i've been making cakes and truffles for last 2 days .... i did count the truffle i ate but had the odd bit of cake mix / cake / butter icing while i was making them to make sure they tasted right ...... didn't count them but i only had 28 pp yesterday and today so instead of my usual late night feast to use up daily's i have said that it just means the tasters while cooking are covered :)
  7. Racheldublin

    Racheldublin Full Member


    Sounds like u had a ball and that's what's important... For your sanity I believe u need to be able to have weekends like that and not loose your social lift, my journey will be a long one as in total I had to loose at least 6 stone (lost 23lbs so far) u need to be able to have a break to enjoy things sometimes to the extent of everyone else!

    Good luck for Thursday,

    I was just thinking... I usually drink my 1.5 ltrs in work throughout the day and tomorrow my weigh in is after work, do you think I might weigh more with the water?

  8. Hello_2_Slimmer_Me

    Hello_2_Slimmer_Me Full Member

    yeah i had a great time. i agree we all need to let our hair down now and again. before the wedding i was loosing weight for the wedding so actually on wedding day i wasn't going to worry too much about it ...... if i hadn't started the diet and lost a stone before the wedding i would have weighed more and still eaten the same, i don't have a set time to loose a set amount by got lots to loose so if i go off track now and again for a bit of a social life i can pick it back up again the next day! .... well done on your loss so far, your doing great !

    thank you :) ... i think i might need it, lol :)

    i don't know, sorry :( .... i rarely drink water, probably only drink a glass a day .... its one of my habits i'm trying to change so i gradually drink a bit more but i don't really like it so find it hard to make myself drink it. lol
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