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Weight Watchers Online

S: 17st11.4lb C: 16st5.4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 1st6lb(8.02%)
Hello :) I'm a newbie, so please accept my apologies if this has been covered before, but is anyone else (successfully) following Weight Watchers Online? If so, what do you think of the service/ food database/online tracker etc?

I'd be interested to know, as I'd be lost with the online tracker, and any hint of the net going down and I go into instant panic-mode :( Also, if anyone needs anything pointing, I can look it up for you, just let me know :)
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Queen of the Damned
What a lovely offer Rosemary. Welcome to Minimins :wavey:
Hi Rosemary

Welcome aboard :)

I had an esource membership for a month but cancelled it. I didnt feel I got anything from it I couldnt get elsewhere.

Ive got the Shopping Guide, an Eating Out Guide, Electronic Calculator and a notebook and ofcourse Minimins :)

Personally I didnt feel it was value for money but thats not to say it wouldnt be great for other people.

Hope we're going to see you around the forum a lot more :)
Hi and welcome

I use it as part of my monthly pass membership, and it comes in handy sometimes, but I find my WW points calculator invaluable for most things, and it gives different points to that on the site, so I go by my calculator. The site is handy for planning shopping tho, for "ready meals" and for eating out. Its all down to how much you want from it. I think their forums are quite good for tips and help too. You can now get it included in your monthly pass membership for classes, and it works out at £17.95 per month which I think is very reasonable, as you get the support from the class and back-up info from the site. Hope this helps. xxx
S: 17st11.4lb C: 16st5.4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 1st6lb(8.02%)
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just saw an advert on WW's site this morning for the "Monthly Pass Membership" (I seem to miss out on a lot of the new things/schemes as I don't go to meetings). £17.95 per month sounds like a good deal if it includes meetings subs aswell. I'm not really sure what e-Source is, I'm guessing it's like a cut-down version of the Online thing?

To be honest I started this thread to have a mini-whinge about having to pay £8 a month for WW Online, as they don't seem to update the tracker with new foods very often, and I seem to spend a lot of time adding new foods myself (I sound ungrateful don't I!? :rolleyes: I'm not, I love the online tracker and not sure I'd manage without it). Just wondered if anyone else had any comments about the online-offerings? Can you use the online tracker with e-Source?
S: 17st11.4lb C: 16st5.4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 1st6lb(8.02%)
Thanks guys :) I'm a newbie to Minimins but not to WWs - dropped out of meetings some time last year and started again properly on WW using the online plan in January. 40lbs down so far, so it must be working :clap:

I think I secretly enjoy the geekiness of managing everything on the PC, even dieting :D Thanks for the feedback, I was a bit scared posting on here at first as I'm new. Can't wait to make it to 20 posts so I get my avatar :)
Hi Rosemary
Congratulations on losing 40lb, that's fantastic love.
Look forward to seeing you around the board.

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