Weight Watchers Online??


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Hi everyone,

I did Lipotrim for 24 weeks and lost 6.something stone, and I feel great. I did put a few pounds on last two weeks even though I haven't being over doing it. But apparently that's normal.

I did WW for a few weeks years ago, when I was 16 or so, and my problem with it was that I got given the Chicken Curry 7 nights a week as mum isn't really a cook, and that just put me off. It seems that I have been biased, and there's plenty of room for cooking within the WW plan, and I have found the WW yoghurts and jelly great the past 2 weeks.

I think I want to do WW, to maintain for the moment but then to lose.

I'm wondering is the online programme any good or are meetings and WIs essential?? I am quite poor (student) and busy with study, so getting there and back and having to pay each week is putting me off. That said if you guys advise it, I'll find the money and get my ass to the meetings.

Are the points allowance for weight loss or for maintenance? I hear of people maintaining their weight on WW and was just wondering how that works???

love Guen
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I follow the plan online at the moment, as i can't get to any classes, and it's going ok - but to be perfectly honest you have to be very strict with yourself to keep going. Some people find this very easy, but for me personally I need to see the face that's going to weigh me and even get competitive with the other members to keep me going!

there's certainly a whole lot more than chicken curry available!


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I do neither, I do it on my own. This doesn't work for everyone but it does work for me. Only you will know if you have the motivation to go it alone :) You will need to buy the calculator and book thing off eBay though.


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I did it on my own for ages. Im not sure how good the online thing is, to be honest youd be better buying a calculator, eating out guide and notebook and doing it yourself.


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I do it on my own - you do need a points calculator and the eat wisely book really though. A weigh-in buddy is a good thing to have if you're not going to class as it's easy to cheat if you're weighing in on your own x


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i do it alone - i'm a student like you and £5.50 a class is just ridiculous, student or not. I intend on joining for one class in the new year when they bring out the new plan just so i can get the books but I manage okay now. I have a pair of the older white WW scales from when i used to do WW years ago and you can pick them up pretty cheap now on ebay and they still work just fine :) i weigh in alone as well, but i keep in touch with a lot of people on here either through PM or through text / phone calls and i find having a diary here is all i need for motivation, especially as I'm determined to see a change for the better before xmas :)


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Gosh I feel like I am in a war zone tonight with all these fireworks going off! Same goes for me tho,anyone who wants my number is more than welcome :)


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I think it's funny how we're all so different, all doing the plan in different ways and using different methods, and yet WW still fits regardless. Proof if ever there was of a flexible plan.

I know that without these boards I would never have stuck at it as long as I have without going to class - so cheers guys!