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weight watchers online

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I go to meetings - but it would seem that most people on here go it alone and seem to do really well.

The one thing that seems to be a consensus is that the online option is rubbish. There is nothing on there you can't get elsewhere and you are best to buy a real calculator than use their online one, which, by all accounts is totally inaccurate.

Save your money in a jar and buy clothes with it when you slimmer.

good luck with your journey and you'll get all the support you need on here. xx
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I use the WW online and ive never had a problem, heard people having problems but the recipes are fantastic, ive never found a product yet that I havnt been able to point on their, if their was anything it has the calculator on their and I find because i spend a lot of my time online Its great to keep track of my points. I tried going it alone but writing it down was conveniently forgotten! x
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Just thought I would add (a little off the subject but..) I am not impressed by the online option for a monthly pass to pay for meetings, we fell for it (no doubt cause of the free cookery book ..well magazine!!) and paid cash on the fist meeting then realised to access it you need to use your credit card and sign up with direct debits being taken out two weeks in advance.. I know you are saving a little but I feel paying the small fee every week lets you know where you are with it.. anyone else experienced this?

Dena xx
I think WW online and Esource are 2 different things are they not or am I making that up?

Personally I wouldnt waste the money. The Esource directory is appaling... its very unaccurate for a lot of things. I found numerous things which were 2/2.5 points out. Imagine youre eating that several times a week that could be you over your points every day, then you wonder why the weight isnt coming off?

If youre not needing the discipline of a class weigh in Id save the money and invest in a calculator, an Eating Out Guide and use Minimins


Have a serene day!!
Hiya, I joined up with a 3 month deal, wish I hadn't wasted the money, but I have at least been able to get the calculator and I have found that coming on here is great, there are a lot of people on here that know what they are talking about and offer some great advise. I am going to let my membership lapse.

The main reason I wanted to do it online instead of with meetings, I find that the need to perform (excuse the double meaning) for the weekly wi was so stressful (when I was with SW) that it caused more problems than it was supposed to relieve. I also live in the country so I have to drive a minimum of 8 miles to my nearest meeting and trying to organise an uncooperative family makes it even more stressful.

So I chill on my own and come on here to moan, groan and do the Whoop Whoop!! when I have lost.

I will say one thing I wish I had done this years ago, it is so easy and being able to eat what I want and just point it up is great.
Thanks for all of your replies i think i will try to do it alone just need to get one of the calculators. Is there a way to work out points until i can get one or is it a special ww formula.
I am really looking forward to this i have tried VLCD but didnt like them


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i feel personally that i need the discipline of a class, but then judging by my weight, maybe i dont. i could save the £18 a month what do you think. i mean i have this site for free and you are all so great. do you think that i could do it on my own. ( i have got the calculator).
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I think I must be the only one who really likes WW Online! I haven't found any inaccuracies so far, and I find it invaluable. Especially for pointing up my own recipes.
S: 20st5lb C: 16st8.0lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 3st11lb(18.6%)
suppose i could try the 2 week free trial but i dont like the idea of having to put my payment details in when its a free trail
I think all 'free trials' are like that these days. You just need to make a note in your diary to cancel at the two week mark if that's what you want to do.

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