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Weight Watchers sausage rolls - did I make them up?


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Does anyone know where I can get WW sausage rolls. I KNOW (I think) that I bought them once from a wee shop somewhere, and Im damned if I can remember where.

Ive looked everywhere and cant find anyone that stocks them. Can anyone even confirm the things do exists and I didnt just dream it?
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I'm sure they used to sell them in Asda.... although it was ages ago I saw them.....if not then I know Asda do their own healthy eating/low fat whatever you call them (!!) sausage rolls - don't know how they would differ on points....



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Mich beat me to it, Asda do them. I saw some in my Mum's local Asda last week. They also do the pork and apple ones which are completely yummy :D

I'd best leave this thread now as I am on CD and the talk of sausie rolls is making me hungry :(


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I'm not sure about the ww sausage roles but a while back our local garage was selling the cheese and onion rolls which where very nice. They dont do them anymore and I dont know where you can get them from now either lol


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Tesco do their own Tesco Value sausage rolls, and the 2pk ones are the same points as the ww ones (and about the same size) I THINK. This definitely used to be the case anyway, because I remember buying the ww ones (for Asda) and then finding that the Tesco Value ones were the same - but cheaper, lol.

You might want to double check it to be sure, but that was definitely true when I had them (admittedly was probably over a year ago!).


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think i vaguely remember seeing the ww rolls in the sandwich fridge in asda


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Just looked on ww esource

ww sausage roll = 3pts

Asda large sausage roll = 2.5pts?

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