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weight watchers thick sliced wholemeal bread

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Topper78, 4 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Topper78

    Topper78 Full Member

    Anyone know if 2 slices of WW thick sliced wholemeal bread 400g loaf is classed as a healthy extra or do you have to syn it?
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  3. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    i really hope so cause iv been using it!?
  4. rach3

    rach3 Full Member

    i'm sure its a HEb, well i've been using it for the past 10 weeks as one!! xx
  5. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    LOL, well if enough of us do then it counts!? lol x
  6. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Thank goodness, I've been using it as a HEXB for the last 3 weeks...
  7. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Great, i didnt no this could be used as a b.
  8. mrsbroadside

    mrsbroadside Full Member

    Can it though? No one has actually said yet! I know green labelled WW danish malt cant be and after using it for months, I'm not making the same mistake again!
  9. _becca_93_

    _becca_93_ Full Member

    so the mated danish ww bread is not a healthy extra omg i'v been having this for the last 2 weeks :cry:
    how many syns is it per slice?
    Last edited: 12 June 2009
  10. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    the danish ww bread you can have.
  11. rach3

    rach3 Full Member

    well i dont care if it is or isn't i've been using it for the last 10 weeks or so & will caryy on using it as its made no difference to my losses! x

    SLACK ALICE Silver Member

    Ive seen it in the grab and go section (for a B Box)
    you can have 3 slices of WW malted danish

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