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Discussion in 'WW Weekly weigh ins' started by Skinny2be!!, 22 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Ok so im starting this thread as the only thursday weigh in thread seemed to fizzle out just b4 xmas!! Hmmm i wonder y?? Haha!! Anyway all you thursday ppl bk on the band wagon come join me!!!

    Week 1 - lost 4.5lbs
    Week 2 - lost 3lb

    :) xx
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  3. Lisa82

    Lisa82 Full Member

    I weigh on a thursday so i'm in :)

    Week 1 - -8lbs
    Week 2 - -2lbs
    Week 3 - -1lb
  4. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Hey lisa82

    You've had good losses so far, what time do you weigh in? Mines at 6pm! Hoping for a 2/3lb loss this week :)

    How you finding it? How much do you want to lose?

  5. Lisa82

    Lisa82 Full Member

    Im an online member but i tend to weigh in first thing, before i have breakfast.

    So far, so good. I did it last year but completely alone (i bought the books on ebay) but struggled, so this time with the support of the info online, and all correct points for everything im finding it much better. How about you? youve had a good start by the looks of it.

    I have a big amount to lose (8st +),trying to take it one lb at a time, but im hoping to average out at about 2lbs week for the first few stone, then ill be happy with lb a week.

    I lost a large amount a few years ago but i did it the wring way, so naturally it came back, plus some more to keep it company :(

    Good luck for this week :)
  6. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    It is amazing how a bit of support can really keep you going and help you stay motivated!! :)

    I want to lose 4 stone im getting married in oct so ive got alot of motivation, plus a honeymoon in mexico and would love to wear a bikini,

    So far ive lost 4 stone within the last 2 year but things happened inbetween, had a baby, holidays ect ect!!

    I just love the fact i dont have to give up my fave foods n still lose weight, my gran says to me ur the only person i kno on a diet that eats mcdonalds n still loses weight haha :)

  7. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    Hello :)

    I weigh in on a Thursday too! Previously a gold target member but had a blip over Nov holiday and Xmas/New Year!!!

    Week 1 - lost 2.5lbs
    Week 2 - no weigh in due to being at work :-(

    Fingers crossed for a loss this Thursday, good luck everyone Xxxx
  8. Angie2610

    Angie2610 Member

    Hi I also weigh in on a Thursday. A bit nervous about tonights WI as I had a bad day on Sunday but heres hoping its not a gain as its only my second week! Is anyone else struggling with daily/weekly syns? I am finding it hard at weekends as I seem to use my weekly allowance then struggle the rest of the week without syns!

    Hope WI goes well for everyone xx

    Week 1 - -2.5lbs.
    Week 2 - praying its not a gain! :(
  9. Angie2610

    Angie2610 Member

    Sorry wrong thread! :eek:
  10. Lisa82

    Lisa82 Full Member

    Just a lb off for me, but all in the right direction :)

    Good luck to all weighing in today
  11. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    Well done and as they say a loss is better than a gain!!!! Had a hard weekend so will be happy with even 1/2 lb off!!! Don't weigh in till 6.30pm tonight as me and my mum go to class together :) will check in later with good news hopefully! Xxx
  12. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Well done on the lb defo right direction!!! My weigh in is at 6!! Good luck for tonight xxx
  13. Crunchy

    Crunchy Full Member

    I weigh in on Thursdays, had to miss this week due to snow, but will be going next week so count me in, on my second week now

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  14. Lisa82

    Lisa82 Full Member

    Good luck to those weighing tonight, fingers crossed for you x
  15. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    A lb for me too was hoping for more but at least its a loss :) xx
  16. Lisa82

    Lisa82 Full Member

    well done, a lb is still a lb to be proud of. Bring on next week x
  17. SJH1985

    SJH1985 Full Member

    2lbs off for me :) Only 4lbs till target, woohoo!!! Xxxx well done everyone else on their losses! Xxxx
  18. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Well done hun, not far to go now!! :) xx
  19. caroliano

    caroliano Full Member

    Hi ;) I weigh on a Thursday too...

    Week one- down 6.5 pound
    Week two- down 5 pound

    Well done to all of u great losses

  20. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Hi caroliano,

    Well done on your losses!!

    How you finding ww? Xx
  21. caroliano

    caroliano Full Member

    Thank u :)

    I love ww love the freedom of not having to cut any foods out... I've rejoined a number of times over the years but this time I am gonna do it!! How are u finding it?


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