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  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member


    Is there anyone who has done both diets? If so, which do you prefer and why?

    Also, what is the average weight loss per month on each of these diets.

    Thanks peeps
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  3. Mrs B

    Mrs B Silver Member

    Hi Dancing, I've done both but they both gave me too much leeway to make bad choices. I'm sure they are both fantastic diets, though. When I was there they both said 1.5 - 2lbs a week was average (about half a stone a month).

    I'm starting Scottish Slimmers tonight.

    Good luck with whichever you choose.
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  5. doesmybumlookbig

    doesmybumlookbig Full Member

    I have tried both and had the same sort of about 2 lb a week weightloss, I will say sw needed a bit more forward planning, I prefer ww's as u get the choice to point or do core which is smililar to sw except there are no seperate days and its 3 meals a day and only snacking on fruit and veg or fruities
  6. Maffie

    Maffie Full Member

    I was going to try sw but to be honest it looked too confusing. I did ww and lost weight. Just trying to be healthy without a particular plan at the moment but still cook ww recipes and still have points in my head if that makes sense.
  7. elizabeth

    elizabeth Silver Member

    I'm currently following Slimming World's Food Optimising, having had several attempts at WW in the past. I never managed to stay with counting Points for long, and soon put back what little I'd lost. I've found the same with calorie counting too, I think I just have a real problem with the feeling of being restricted and having to stick to an allowance that's been imposed on me from outside, if that makes sense?

    On the other hand, I seem to have taken to Food Optimising like a duck to water. For a start, I'm still with it after two and a half months, which is unheard of for me! :D It feels more like a permanent change to healthy eating habits, rather than a diet, and that's what is making the difference for me. It puts the decisions about how you want to eat in YOUR hands, and encourages you to make sensible choices. It gives you back a sense of control, and a kind of security from knowing that you can eat like this for the rest of your life.

    I also seem to be losing more weight than I ever did with Points or calories. There's definitely something to Food Optimising, a combination of psychological and physiological factors that combine to change your way of thinking about how you eat. I can thoroughly recommend it.
  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Wow this is an old thread!!

    Was about to add to it when I realised :giggle:
  9. cupcake1

    cupcake1 Full Member

    Starlight, I don't think it matters if its an old thread. It still might be useful to someone trying to make a decision about which club might be right for them.
    Go ahead and say your piece! :)
  10. cupcake1

    cupcake1 Full Member

    Oh, and as for me, I've done both, but SW is confusing and separates foodgroups which I like to eat together.
    WW is normal food and the portion control is a little more regulated than SW.
    But, my favourite club is Rosemary Conley. The diet is easy, the recipes are fantastic (you don't feel like you are dieting at all) and the portion sizes are controlled, (which is my biggest problem). You also get an exercise session in the cost of the weekly group.
    Hope that helps with anyone's decisions.
  11. Nash

    Nash Full Member

    I've done both ww and sw, personally I prefer sw as I know i can graze on food throughout the day. I've got used to the way it works and tend to eat more healthily on it. When I did ww (admittedly when I was in the uk) i just tended to stick to their products and ate alot of ready meals, which didn't really fill me up and i got bored easy.

    But even when I'm on sw, if i want a day off of red days/green days, I'll have either a weight watchers day (counting points) or a calorie counting day, where i can eat what i want, sticking to that system.
  12. ~*~Louisa~*~

    ~*~Louisa~*~ bye bye baby tummy

    I tried SW didnt work out for me, I think the fact that you can graze isnt good as it doesnt break associations and rather then learning to eat when hungry you eat so not to feel hungry

    WW im on now and omg i am loving it, although my main aim is ofcourse to loose weight i aso want to feel i can maintain it when i do, I dont feel i need to snack all the time

    So now im really learning my signals and am feeling theresults
  13. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    SW dont separate the food groups now, you can do red or green or mix them and do Extra Easy. Im not sure what is 'not normal' about SW food :confused:

    I have to admit having done them both, with success, I think I prefer SW. I think Im eating far healthier on it, I rarely eat 'junk food' now. The only thing I definitely do prefer WW for, is eating out. If SW would only do an Eating Out guide like WW.
  14. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Thats funny you saying that, I found the exact opposite, I found I snacked and grazed much more when I was on WW. Just shows were all different :)
  15. Scarlet Daisy

    Scarlet Daisy Hungry For Life

    I've done both and lost well on both (1-2lbs a week, after the initial flying start)...But I prefer SW (Extra Easy).

    With WW I had to count my points every day and it kept food on my mind all the time. I really felt hungry sometimes and it was hard to maintain once I'd reached my goal too, because it wasn't at all "normal".

    with SW Extra Easy I can almost forget about the fact that I'm on a diet. Syns are easy to track, because they apply to so little of what I eat. Most things are fine to eat without any measuring or accounting. I'm never hungry, which is the best thing!

    I'm still a fan of WW, I lost a LOT of weight and had fun at meetings etc. but SW seems a better plan, because it isn't as far removed from normality.
  16. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    Scarlet Daisy has said it all.
    I have never tried WW but have tried almost every diet/food plan since I was a teen and SW works the best for me. I have done both red and green, but prefer Extra Easy as it's just that!
    I don't like measuring and counting and with SW Extra Easy there is very little of that.
    I like being able to mix my foods and not to think about in.
    Counting syns is also easy and flexible and I never feel hard done by.
  17. Lianna

    Lianna Silver Member

    I have done Weight wathcers before and hates it!! i put a stone on i could not get used to it and always ended up having sweets all the time!! SW is my fave after trying celebrity slim (Which was horrendous) i am back on SW lost 2 1/2 in my first week back and hopefully keep going, its so easy and when you are hungry there are endless amounts you can eat!!
  18. JoJo69

    JoJo69 Full Member

    I see this thread hasnt been updated in a while, but i could really do with some help. I started SW 2 weeks ago I have lost whilst using this BUT I am finding it really hard to know what I can and cant have, and seem to feel hungry most of the time?
    I have never tried weight watchers. I think I need something more disciplined than SW to get me used to smaller portions etc or am I just being silly?
    I am really really motivated to loose weight, but I need to make sure I am using the right plan for me, any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank youl.
  19. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    There's a similar thread on the WW boards with a fair amount of posts in it, have you had a look at that?
  20. dag

    dag Full Member

    Hey I do Slimming World... and find it so easy! As you are basically eating as much fruit and veg as you like... as many eggs, muller lights/ activia fat free/ other fat free yogurts as you like and depending on your colour as much pasta, potatos, rice, beans on green or meat fish chicken on red... OR both on Extra easy So much handier than Weightwatchers were even a banana is points and its fruit!

    Slimming world has encouraged me to cut back on the treats and so the fat... chocolate crisps etc. i remember on ww i would eat snack foods all the time instead of proper rounded meals... it did me no good as i would get hungry and overeat!

    Everyone is different... HOpe you find the lifestyle that suits you!
  21. Buddah

    Buddah Member

    Hi, have done Weightwatchers, but found I became somewhat obsessed with food, adding everything up. I went with my mum and she cheated somewhat, bumping up her points, but I stuck to it religiously, even downing my points, if borderline, but did not lose much and one week I put on - was mortified. My mum, on the otherhand lost loads and I mean loads. You can also graze with Weightwatchers - should you want to, they have free foods. I believe you have to find something that suits you. The best diet I have ever done is Slimfast. I do modify it. Have one shake, lunch I have 200 cals and evening you can have anything up to 700 cals, plus three 100 cal snacks throughout day. It is so easy and I lost 1 stone in a month. Had 2 stone to lose, but seemed to stop at that point, I think its known as plateaud. Its been a few months now, but I have not put any of that back on and am going to start again. Good luck with whatever you choose. Like I said, I truly believe when you find what suits, and stick to it, it does come off.

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