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weight watchers vs slimmingworld


I will do this!!!
i think both work but it depends on yourself. ww is more portion control and have to say fits in better with life if your busy working etc. sw which i lost 2 stone doing is lots of fresh cooking and big portions if you want x


I will do this!!!
hmmm i think my biggest problem is my portion control.....well lack of!
well with sw you can fill and fill your plate as long as you stop eating when your full. with ww you have to control it to your points allowance. im loving ww cos i can have bread and ready meals with sw your limited with those things x
I have done both diets... SW didnt suit me, I was really disappointed as i had tried to do it for about 4 months and I had stuck to it and even went to the gym too but all i lost was 5lbs!! I think as they say you can eat as much as you like of thing on the green days and eat as much as other things on the red days I did and this is why I do not think I lost much on it!

However I have been sooo pleased with Weight watchers and some of it is because you use portion control (however ive not been hungry with this diet) I have lost 15 1/2 lbs and you have no idea how i feel now!!

I know people who have lost weight on both diets but it just depends on which one suits yourself but I would always recommend Weight watchers for what it has done for me!

Hope you make your decision and hope you see all the weight loss you want to xx
WW all the way. It's THE best diet. Nothings off limits and I think it educates you so much better in healthy eating than SW does. I did SW for a bit but found it far too restrictive

And contrary to what you may hear if you follow WW properly youll never be hungry

WW is so easy if you're eating out or if you need to grab something on the go. I'd totally recommend it you'll love it :)


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I have done both diets and ww is the best, fits into my life the best, sw is gud if u can control how much eat and stop when h full but i can't so portion control is better for me. Gud luck with whichever diet u choose
I did WW years ago and lost 3 1/2 stone put it all back on so went on SW and only lost a stone and a half. I couldnt cope with the syns for eating out or grabbing a sandwich while out shopping. I started WW in November and have lost a stone and am near target. Nothing is a problem with WW eating out,nights out, shopping days with lunch. Its so flexible and easy to do_Once you get your head around it.


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ww all the way but i am guessing you have asked the same question on a sw thread and they are in support of that!

i have done both diets several times and if you asked me last year i would have said sw as i did not get on with ww discover as kept running out of points but with the introduction of propoints i can honestly say it is the best diet i have done and feel i can do this for life instead of the normal 3 months i generally stick to a diet for lol x


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sw is definitely suited to people who rarely eat out and like home cooking.

ww is great with portion control, its really what I need right now.

I'm training as well, so stuff like protein shakes can be encorporated into ww. And eating all that "free" meat while training is really not good for your body....

ww is the healthiest diet if you do it right, and as Starlight says, you'll never be hungry, if you plan out your points properly and dont just eat garbage every day...
I've tried both and WW is the one for me. Like others have said, WW is better for portion control - with SW you can eat as much as you want when it comes to healthy food but when I'm a sucker for treats and takeaways! SW syns are extremely high for this and I felt like I was denying myself - I didn't enjoy it all all, not to mention the lack of bread and cheese!
With WW you can still have treats as long as you count it, infact nothing is restricted and it doesn't feel like a diet, also, if you go over then you can exercise to gain points back.

On the other hand, my sister in law is doing SW and she loves it, she has lost far more than I ever did but she doesn't have a sweet tooth like me ;)


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SW was good for me as I am veggie and love carbs so could eat as many baked potaotes with baked beans, rice, pasta etc as i wanted. However, I think for me the issue is portion control. WW forces me to address the amount of food I eat!


Overweight or undertall?!
sassia, your avatar is going to give me nightmares!! x


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Sorry. That's just like my expression when I stepped on the scales for the first time!

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