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weightloss had stalled. any ideas?


this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)
I am on day 26 100% on SS.

Lost 18lbs so far.

3 packs a day and between 3 and 4 litres a day.

My scales have not moved in a week. Can anyone think of anything I might be doing wrong?

Really happy with my loss so far, but it isn't as high as other peoples and I have a lot to lose. Although I have been weighing daily - I'm not taking it too seriously. However my cdc registered me as 1lb loss last week and I'm worried this week will be sts if my scales are right.

I have done 30min power plate class, plus my usual walking as part of my commute. So not over doing the exercise.

Any suggestions? I really want to keep at this - but its the losses that keep me motivated ..... help!
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S: 16st2.5lb C: 15st10.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.7 Loss: 0st6lb(2.65%)
aw hunnie, dont be disheartened, your doing fab! sometimes our bodies dont do what we expect but im sure it will all fall into place in the end. 18lbs is a great loss!!! keep doing what your doing as your doing nothing wrong :) fingers crossed for u to get some fab losses over the coming weeks xxx
S: 20st0lb C: 16st7lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 3st7lb(17.5%)
Hi...this happens to us all at some stage and is nothing to worry about. It could be a bit of water retention due to your menstrual cycle that you never noticed before cos you never paid such close attention to your weight. Just trust in the plan and don't try to force the weight off....it's likely you will have a big loss in the next week or 2. Just keep drinking your water and doing your normal exercise plan. ALso worth doing weekly measurements as often when the scales don't move much we never see it in inch loss,


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
as gg has said, take measurements, as usually if i have not lost weight, ive lost inches somewhere. :) which makes it all that more exciting :)

keep going. and im sure that it will pick up again :)


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S: 21st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 3st3lb(14.85%)
I actually find that adding a meal for a couple of days tends to give my metabolism a little kickstart.
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
firstly don't panic. your body might be catching up with you. you will probably have lost inches as gg and others have said. just keep on doing what you're doing. i had a 2 weeks stall once then lost 8lbs the 3rd week. i was well into ss by then though.


this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)
Thanks. I was expecting it but just not on week 3&4!!

Hoping something with fall off (e.g. an arm!!!!) before my WI. Not convinced my cdc believed me last week - don't want to face that again on Wednesday !!!!

Thanks for your input.


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S: 13st12lb C: 12st6.5lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 1st5.5lb(10.05%)
No words of wisdom, I'm afraid.

Just to say, I am in the same boat, week 3 weigh in tomorrow (Tuesday) and the scales haven't budged since last weeks weigh in!!!
I am following a VLCD ( not Cambridge ) and can't quite see how we can fail to lose something while on such a restrictive diet. I haven't cheated and I drink several litres of water a day.

Oh well, I'm hoping the whoosh fairy visits me tonight in my sleep....good luck to you too for a loss this week!



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S: 15st2lb C: 12st8lb Loss: 2st8lb(16.98%)
oo sweet heart chin up my second week in i only lost 1 pounds i was so fed up , but through no mandy get a grip, it didt help that my daughter told my cc that i had eaten which i 100 percent didt, so i felt totally rubbish. I ask my cc if i could prove i had stuck to it by showing her a water stick, which i did , but any way it did come off and the next week i lost 4 and a half so dont lose heart, this plan does work, i think we loss our way sometime and need to have a one with ourselfs good luck and im sure it will be fine xxx

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