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Weightloss Incentives

Hi all,

I started CD SS on Friday 20/02/09 and to incentivise my weightloss i'm going to reward myself for each 7lbs lost (Not with food.... that's how I got here. lol). So far I'm looking to get a massage, a facial etc and was looking for some more suggestions or examples of things you've incentivised your weightloss with. Hopefully I'll get my first treat at my weigh in on Thursday ;-)

Spk sn x
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can see the end in sight!
i have a pandora bracelet and i buy a new bead for every stone i lose...adorable and very motivating!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I can't afford to buy anything new either, so I'm getting a bag of 'fat' clothes ready for the charity shop instead! I've got far too many clothes anyway, so it's not a problem - and it's making me get off my bum and actually do it.
For those on a budget you could always:

Make beauty products (face masks r brill) from natural products at home.

Treat yourself to a long hot bath with candles some music and a book.

Check to see if your local college runs a beauty course, they are always looking for clients to train on, One near me (this was a couple yrs ago tho) was a full manicure for £4 or a full facial for £5 which compared with salon prices is VERY cheap! Some also do hair cuts, re styles etc..

Look out for beauty freebies, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, body cream etc & save them up for a pampering session.

Sign upto FILMFIRST and see free preview films at your local cinema.

Hope these help


Peggy McParrot
when i last dieted, my eldest son made a chain out of paper clips, and added a new one each time i lost a lb, this time i'm getting my hair straightened by his girlfriend for each lb i lose, bets she's wishing she never made that promise, i've still got 17 in the bank lol
I like to treat myself to a nice lipy or a nice bath treat out of Lush!!
Well, I had my first WI last night and lost 7lbs. The CDCs scales don't tally with mine but hey as long as i'm losing ;-) So, having lost the first 7lbs I'm going to treat myself.......to a colonic irrigation this evening! weird I know but decided that my incentives should be based on feeling good and looking good. From people who've had it previously they've said it's made them feel amazing a even drop a couple of pounds...hey every little helps! so wish me luck, as when i booked it it seemed like a great idea but now i'm not too sure. lol

Thankfully my local beauty salon is doing discounts at the moment due to the economic climate, so will be getting it at a reduced price and may even be able to get my next incentive treat reduced too. I'm looking to get a universal contour wrap at 14lbs. I've had one before and they're amazing... you literally lose inches in an hour and your skin feels amazing.

Hope everyone is losing too. Oh a quick question, does the weightloss remain constant at a steady 5-7lbs a week or does it start to slow when your body gets used to it? Will upping my excercise (ok, ok starting exercise lol) help?

would love to hear how you're all getting on.

Party Girl No. 1 - more like social recluse No.1 at the mo he he.
:eek: Ooh you will have to let us know how the clearout goes...., you're braver than i am lol!
Well done on your weight loss, half a stone is fantastic :) x
As weird as this incentive sounds I'm going to get myself a new wedding dress!

I'm getting married in July and have a dress which I do love but it wasn't the style of dress I really wanted since that style didn't suit me when I had a spare tyre. The way it's going it looks like I wont even fit into that dress by the time of the wedding so looks like i'll have to 'treat' myself anyway!
Fantastic. Would love to do that but think i might see my boyfriend running for the hills! lol

How are you finding the CD SS? I don't find it too bad apart from missing the social side of eating and drinking. My boyfriend has been pretty good but is frustrating not being able to cook meals and eat together. But will be worth it in the long run when I'm sat in my bikini on the beach in June!! well thats what i keep telling myself!

Think i'd prefer looking for wedding dresses though ;-)
I'm actually finding it amazingly easy! The only trouble is getting the water down, which i'm just about managing but it's an effort! Next week i'm getting the water flavourings so hopefully that'll make that easier!

And there's nothing to stop you from looking at Wedding dresses! Just take a few friends to a store and go to town! I can't think of a better way of celebrating your new figure than with an amazing dress on it! (And your boyfriend never needs to know!)
My incentive is a family holiday at the beginning of June.
Want to get at least a couple of stone off by then
Although I haven't even started CD yet!!!

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