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weightloss on the contraceptive pill


i really don't know life
i restarted my pill a week and a half ago, after taking a two month break. i've found myself grazing (or at least craving snacky foods) way more since then, and am a bit peeved as i was doing so well!!

does anyone else have this problem? and how do you combat it?

i have changed pill about 13 times, because in most the balance of hormones causes my already-bad excema to flare up to monumental proportions. i have finally found one that doesnt (yaaaay!) but it clearly wants me to be fat (boooo!)

i would happily be off the pill permanently coz it deflates my libido a bit (rubbish-is that how it works lol?) but kids are just a big nono, and i'm allergic to latex.

anywho, basically i have to take the pill as other homone-based things flare up my excema but i dont want to fail on this diet! what shall i dooooooo?
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i really don't know life
i spoke to the doctor about that but she said it was only really recommended for people who had already had children.

i keep eating!!! arrrgh!

trying to stick to healthy snacks like sugar free jelly but it's getting hard. why can't i control this??


Green tea advocate!!
I have a major problem with hormonal contreceptives. I had an implant put in June last year - from June until Jan this year (when i had it removed) i put on 2.5 stone!!!!
The doctor now has me on a pill, but to be honest i think the hormones are whats slowing down my weight loss, its a constant battle!

I drink shed loads of green tea in the morning to keep the hunger away, and then graze on grapes in the afternoon - its the only thing that works!!


i really don't know life
yeah, i'm on fruit teas as well. i eat sugar free jelly and smoothie ice cubes as well as frozen grapes (last longer!!) to keep my picking-tendancies at bay.

even though i pick on healthy stuff, i still feel like i'm eating loads, and that can be disheartening as i feel like i'm constantly peckish!


Don't worry, be happy :)
I had the same problem with hunger when i first started taking the pill again after having my girls, plus it gave me really sore head too.
I find that if i take it later at night then I don't get the hunger pangs or headaches as i'm asleep by the time it kicks in. I usually take mine about 8pm and it has made the world of difference from taking it when i woke up in the morning.


i really don't know life
wow, that's interesting. i take mine at 8.30am. i only really do that because then i'm awake for the 12 hour window (just in case i forget it) but i barely forget it any more as i set a recurring alarm. i will try that, thanks littlered.

if that works it'll be great, coz i've tried so many, and this is the only one that doesnt affect my excema!!


I'm a greedy pig

i can only suggest eating as much healty foods as you can, pleanty of exercise and a slower than normal weight loss may be possible[and a compromise between all your problems]...

poor you..
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I Have the coil fitted and feel this may be causing my struggle to lose weight (maybe thats just an excuse am using), i was told any contraception may cause 4 -5lb weight gain..

does anyone esle have this problem?
I've just been on the pill for 3 months (come off it now, yay!)

It didn't directly cause me to eat more, but the moodswings made me want to comfort eat :(



i really don't know life
well, roll on the day when men can get contraceptive implants, i say! lets let them have the side effects - maybe then they'll understand why we can be slightly tempremental at times!!!

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