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weightwatchers and pcos

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does anyone else on here have polycystic ovary syndrome? I have suffered from it for around 4 years now and its affecting my weightloss. I can go 3-4 months without a period..unfortunatly I still get all the symptoms..moody,craving snacks and swollen belly. Im on my 3rd month due on and despite resisiting the urge to snack im stuck at the same weight. Im soooooo frustrated as my belly is swollen so I look 3 months pregnant and ive stuck to my points religiously..and exercised.
Has anyone else had the same problem..most frustrating thing is I know when I do get my period I will loose again but being stuck at same weight for weeks on end is disheartening me. At least i havent gained so I suppose thank god for small mercies as before I have been known to gain up to 8lb at this time!! :sigh:
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Hi Collywobble

I have PCOS. I've never really had problems with my periods, apart from pretty bad cramps pain when I get them, and cravings for food the week before. However, I do suffer from moderate hirsutism and bloating.

Now! I tipped the scales at nearly 200lbs at my heaviest. Which is a lot for a girl of about 5'1''. I started dieting - most seriously last October (although I'd already lost about 10lbs just by being a little healthier) and am now just under 150lbs. It CAN be done. It's harder, yes, but despite what some doctors say, you are not "destined" to be obese.

I no longer suffer from severe period pain - I don't know if that's because of the weight loss, or because I live an active lifestyle these days (and it's proven that exercise can relieve period pain), or the fact I take the pill.

Here's some science. Basically, being overweight means you are more prone to insulin resistance (and diabetes) and something called leptin resistance. Now, if you are insulin resistant and/or leptin resistant, weight loss is much more difficult, you produce more "male" hormones than normal, and you suffer more from the symptoms associated with PCOS - one of which is... ta da! INSULIN RESISTANCE AND WEIGHT GAIN. Basically, if you have PCOS, being fat makes you gain weight. The best way to reduce your symptoms and have good weight loss, is to lose weight. Once you start to lose weight, your body will find it easier to lose weight. It will be hard at first (believe me I know!) but you are losing weight - you've lost a stone and are doing fantastically! Just keep at it - and for every week you stay the same - think of what would be happening if you went "oh sod it" - you would be gaining. For PCOS sufferers especially, staying the same for a few weeks is as good as a loss!

Also - if you haven't already - make sure you are adopting a low GI diet, which is perfectly doable on weightwatchers, and actually recommended. Wholegrains are your friend!
I've pcos to I found out at 19,21 years ago I have always gained weight really quick and yoyoed, when I got married to my ex I was 22 and lost 3 stone in 5 months on ww then I did that again after my first daughter in 1995 it took again 5 months.
Carbs slow my loss down that's why I can't do sw green.
I'm 41 this year and I think it maybe 3 stone in 5 months again, what I remember is after my 1st daughter it took another 5 months to lose the last stone do i've slot more this time so hoping I can do 1-2 lbs a week. Exercise and weighloss does make pco better xx


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I am another pcoser. I was always told being overweight was causing it, and losing weight would make it 'go away'! H, what do the docs know, I am now a normal weight and yet have had totm once in the last year, which is even worse than before!!!!

Good luck, I def agree that GI is the way to go . Theres some pcos diet books too, I got one from the library.
S: 16st13lb C: 15st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st11lb(10.55%)
thanks everyone for your replies..glad im not alone..just wish I could have my period so I can start loosing again...like mince said staying same got to be better than gaining....I do try and eat low GI but when you craving something sweet its easier said than done lol Im just glad im not grabbing mars bars,maltesers and cakes like before. Just got to stick at it and not loose hope
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i too have pcos and as i started my first week on ww, i had an episode of pain, swollen tum, back ache ect......not had an episode for few months now so talk about bad timing!!!! i was due my weigh in yesterday but as i am still swollen, we decided to not be weighed this week to save me being disappointed as i nkow iv been good all week! im now starting to recover so hopefully my weigh in next sat will show a good loss!!!

i wish u lots of luck on your journey and i do hope your pcos behaves for u...i know how hard it is!!!

S: 16st13lb C: 15st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st11lb(10.55%)
hi sarah thanks for your message..its an awful thing to have isnt it! I honestly look pregnant when this happens and because ive lost weight on my waist and hips it looks even bigger..Im waiting for one of my pupils to ask me if im having a baby lol
I only pray it doesnt happen next year when im getting married I will be gutted :-(

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