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$ Weighty Mateys Sexy September Thread $ including link to new October thread


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welcome to another month weight mateys this month its sexy september say goodbye to summer and get sexy for the colder months
you can see ive edited list as so many hvent participated for a couple months or so anyone want to come back please feel free to post and ill do it same as for any newbies
good luck for this month people

Becca Wecca --0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, (lost lbs)
Becca306- 0lbs,0lbs, 0lbs,0lbs (lost lbs)
Evilpenguin - +1.5lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, (gain 1.5 lbs)
Happy Holidays -Target Member woop woop
Jedifran - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Jennifaerie - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Lonestitcher - -0.5lbs, -2lbs, -0.5lbs, -3.5lbs, (lost 6.5lbs)
Losingme - -1lbs, +2.5lbs, -1lbs, sts, (gain 0.5lbs)
metrognome- +5bs, 0lbs, sts, 0lbs (gain 5 lbs)
mollysmum1- -0.5lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 0.5lbs)
mrsmc - -4.5lbs, +1.5lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 3lbs)
Pickle87- +3.5lbs, -4lbs, -5.5lbs, -2.5lbs (lost 8.5 lbs)
Piglet977- 0lbs, -1lbs, -0.5lbs, -1lbs, (lost 2.5 lbs) *newbie*
Sarahandmolly - sts, -1lbs, +1lbs, 0lbs (lost 0lbs)
*Theresa*- -2lbs, -1lbs, -0.5lbs, +0.5lbs, -2lbs (lost 5lbs)
Vickiw --3lbs, +0.5lbs, +1.5lbs, -3.5lbs (lost 4lbs)
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Thanks hun! This *IS* going to be my month! I am telling you now!!!! ;) :D

Good Luck fellow weighty mateys x
Hi yes please add me back on, Internet problem finally resolved. Have been good in August and lost some of the gain so striving high for September - target is to get back to May weightX
Woohoo right I have a weigh in tonight so fingers crossed for a good start...hoping seeing as how this is a 5 week month for me this month to take off half a stone in time fro going to Ireland the start of October :)

Good luck everyone :)
1/2 lb off for me this week.

Since today is my 1st SW Anniversary and I've been struggling the last few months, I've decided to challenge myself. I'm not going to join any official challenges, but for this month am challenging myself to lose 4 lb (even though I've got 5 WI's I think).

Lose...... WI .......Left
4 lb ......-1/2 ..... 3 1/2
Wahooo it's a STS for me today! So chuffed as I have been SO bad and been back on track since Wed! :) So damage limitation does work :D xx
Back on track now and 3lb off for me this week woohoo!

I've set myself the challenge of losing at least another stone by Xmas so I'm keeping well away from the biscuit tin!

Good luck everyone this week x
Well done all! Looks like we are all back on the ball! Whoop! x


A sucker for a key change
4.5lb off for me!! Woo hoo (I think I must have had a bit of fluid retention and as they say, if it goes on fast (my two months off plan), it comes off fast too)
Very happy with a 2 lb loss this week..... although I have this nagging suspicion that most of it is because this week I wore sandals instead of my usual trainers... Oh well!

Only 1 lb to go to my next shiny!!!! Guess how much my next weeks goal is!!!

Offwards and Downwards my fellow Mateys!!!

Personal challenge update:

Lose...... WI .......Left
4 lb ......-1/2 ..... 3 1/2
3 1/2......-2........ 1 1/2

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