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**Weighty Mateys - Slinky September Challenge**

Well well well... here we are, it's August already. So here is the new challenge... the chart is below. I will add and remove as normal! GOOD LUCK ALL :D

B2b - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Camsmum - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb(0lbs)
Donnie46 – 1lb, 2lb, 0lb, 0lb (Loss: 3lbs)
Goldfish - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
hobbithead – 2lb, 0.5lb, 0lb, 0lb (Loss: 2.5lbs)
hypa2008 - 2.5lb, 6lb, 4lb, 0lb (Loss: 12.5lbs)
Katyy - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Loupy - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb(0lbs)
littlehobbit - +0.5lb, 0.5lb, 1lb, 0lb (Loss: 1lbs)
Malaika – 1lb, 1.5lb, 0lb, 0lb (Loss: 2.5lbs)
Maria SW - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Mel1981 – 0lbs, 3.5lb, 0lb, 0lb(Loss: 3.5lbs)
Metrognome – sts, +1.5lb, 0lb, 0lb (Gain 1.5lbs)
MissShiraz – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
MrsV – +1lb, +1lb, 0lb, 0lb (Gain: 2lbs)
Muffindoll - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Nu Nu's - 0lb, 0lb, 4.5lb, 0lb(Loss: 4.5lbs)
Pinksaz – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Raapunbird - sts, 1lb, sts, 0lb (Loss: 1lbs)
Sanicholl – 2lb, +1lb, 0lb, 0lb (Loss: 1lbs)
Sarahandmolly – No WI, +3lb, 0lb, 0lb (Gain: 3lbs)
Scarletdarcey – 1lb, 1lb, 0lb, 0lb(Loss: 2lbs)
Slackalice – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Simmy - 2.5lb, +2lb, 1.5lb, 0lb(Loss: 2lbs)
toliveordiet - 0.2kg, 1kg, 0.4kg, 1.1kg (Loss: 2.7kgs)
toofatkat - 0.5lb, 0.5lb, 0lb, 0lb(Loss: 1lbs)
TweetyUK - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Vickiw – 3lb, 1lb, +2lb, 0lb (Loss: 2lbs)
Weemo - +2lb, No WI, sts, 0lb (Gain: 2lbs)

August Challenge
B2b – 0.5lb, STS, 0.5lb, 0lb (Loss: 1lbs)
Donnie46 – 1lb, 1lb, 2lb, 1lb (Loss: 5lbs)
Goldfish - 0lb, 1lb, 0lb, 0lb (Loss: 1lb)
hobbithead – STS, 3lb, 1lb, 2.5lb (Loss: 6.5lbs)
hypa2008 - 3lb, 1.5lb, 3lb, 5.5lb (Loss: 13lbs)
Katyy - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
littlehobbit - 2lb, +0.5lb, 3.5lb, 1.5lb (Loss: 6.5lb)
Malaika – 0lb, 0lb, 3.5lb, 0lb (Loss: 3.5lbs)
Maria SW - 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lb)
Metrognome – 2lb, +1lb, 1lb, 0lb (Loss: 2lbs)
MissShiraz – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
MrsV – 0lb, +2lb, 2lb, 2lb (4lbs)
Muffindoll - 0lb, 2lb, sts, 0lb (loss: 2lbs)
Pinksaz – 2.5lb, +3lb, 3lb, 0lb (Loss 2.5lbs)
Raapunbird - 0lb, 0lb, +1.5lb, 0lb (Gain 1.5lbs)
Sanicholl – 2lb, 4lb, sts, 0lb (Loss: 6lbs)
Sarahandmolly – no WI, 0.5lb, no WI, no WI (Loss 0.5lbs)
Slackalice – 0.5lb, sts, 2.5lb, 0lb (Loss: 3lbs)
toliveordiet - 0kg, 0kg, 0.5kg, 0kg (Loss: 0.5kg)
TweetyUK - 3.5lbs, +0.5lbs, +0.5lbs, 0.5lbs (Loss: 3lbs)
Vickiw – +9lb, 5lb, 0.5lb, 0lb (Gain: 3.5lbs)
Weemo - 3lb, 0lb, +1lb, 2lb (Loss: 4lbs)


Cathbro – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
deadredhead – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Debbywebby1970 – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Ikkle87 – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
Jaxmummy – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
kells61- 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
mrs_lever – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (lbs)
Simmy – 0lb, 0lb, 0lb, 0lb (0lbs)
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Well, I managed to put 9lb on in the last 2 weeks :( - and boy don't I know it! I feel so fat and bloated after my holiday. But, I'm back on it now and hopefully it will come off again fairly quickly. Sorry everyone - I haven't got August off to a very good start!

Good luck to everyone for this month xx
Welcome littlehobbit :wavey: of course you can be added. I will put you on the chart

Vicki, Vicki, Vicki... please don't be down about it. Look how FANTASTIC you have done previously. You have had a holiday and a good one at that so come on chick, you can do it (((Hugs))) xxx
Thanks for posting the July results Sarah. Can't believe I came third in my first month, that cheered me up no end after sts this week!!!

August is going to be my month (I hope) I am determined to succeed this time. Must dash my savoury rice is getting cold (yum..) :D

Good luck to all
Hey hun!

You did do fantastic in your 1st month. A STS is not bad either, so well done you. Hope your savoury rice is nice :)

I am determined not to be the only person to put on 3 wks in a row this month! :giggle: oh dear! x
Just back from weigh in and thats me lost 2 pounds this week.i got my half stone award! im so chuffed cause i only thought id lose about half a pound!
Well Done honey! That's brilliant! x
hiya all sorry not been on much but my little baby well lily is 7 months hasnt been well

hope all is well with everyone

sarah x
Well done Tweety! That's brilliant :clap: I will of course add you :)

Donnie, not a problem honey. Thanks for your lovely message, I find it a lot easier this way :D Thanks hun xx
OMG I'm tired now - just back from dog walking and walked much quicker and further than normal in the rain. I set myself the target of losing 5lb this week - just over half my holiday weight - I should be able to do it as I've had big weight losses before.

Anyway off to bed :nightf: zzzzz


Full Member
Hi Sarah. thanks for doing the chart for us :thankyou: . And well done on 1/2 lb off :)
Welcome to the team littlehobbit, good luck on your weight loss journey. Well done on your 1/2 st award :party0011:
Vicky, never mind the holiday gain, the main this is that you enjoyed your time off. Great to see you so determined and to hear you are back on plan. Walking the dog will certainly help :chores016: :D
Pinksaz, hope your lttle one will be better soon. Sending hugs :gen126: .
Tweetyuk, 3.5 lb loss is fab! :0clapper:

Congratulations to the winners of the July challenge. Hobbithead, Donnie and Mrs V, you girls deserve a trophy, here we go.. :D

I lost 0.5 this week (hoped for more as I was really good, but hey, it's a loss innit? :)). Have a great week all
B. xx
Well Done B on your 0.5 loss! Thats great! :clap: I have updated the S/S and no worries... I enjoy it :D x
Woo, yay I got a shiny trophy, thanks b that was really sweet:D:D:D
Please can I join team weighty mateys? I've been really struggling just lately I put on 1.5lb on Monday which could have been a lot worse. Hopefully if I can join it will give me a bit of extra motivation.
I would like to lose 7lb this month, hopefully I should have a good loss next Monday as it will be like my first week back at it really.
Thanks x
hiya all i'm so happy i had my weigh in today and i thought i was going to put on but i lost 2 and a half pounds and i got slimmer of the week i'm sooooo happy:happy036:

well done to all the other people that lost

sarah x
Well done Sarah that's a brilliant loss. Well Done :clap:

Welcome to the Weighty Mateys Muffindoll :wavey: I will add you on to the chart on pg1. Just report your WI result each week :D Good Luck x