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Wein in this morning..wont have lost i dont think

As it was my first week on cd.I did not like most of the foodpacks.So straight down the sink they have been going. Resorted to food.I know i did wrong but now i am on new week, i know what flavours i like and again trying other new foodpacks. Hopefully i will like!
I will let you all know how i got on later:D
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Hi Lynn

I started yesterday , by having one shake and low carb food so that i eased myself in and hopefully minimise the side effects. Had a choc tetra hot yesterday morning and it was good, this morning I tried the porridge and am still gagging. What flavours do you like.
Um so far not alot.I can just do the porridge.I added cinnamon to the porridge gave it a bit of flavour. I kind of liked the strawberry the choc mint, chocolate, cuppachino, I did not like the banana, chocolate orange.I am trying the tetras and the bars this week see how i go.I was so upset and disappointed as i was on LL and loved all the shakes and because they did not taste anythign like there shakes it kind of put me off my track this week.So probably gained as i have been picking. But back on track from today and heres hoping i like all my foodpacks this week.I did add extra water to my food packs like my cdc said to do but made no difference!
Welldone on easing yourself in, you probably wont get all the side effects.I did the same did low carb and hardly got any effects in my first week.
I hate all the powdered shakes and soups and opt for the tetras instead, I know they cost more but if it helps I am happy.
Kool im hoping i will like the tetras too:eek:
Fingers Crossed


is gonna do it!!
Hi Lyn,

I found that I go through stages with the shakes and soups, sometimes can't stomach them, sometimes like them, weird!
Good luck, keep at it and you will prob lose a stone or more before xmas!!!
Morning, sorry you don't like the CD shakes. I've done LL a coupe of years ago, and just liver on Chocolate shakes really, then and now that I'm on CD. Interesting point though, CD produce the shakes for LL. I thought it was just the pack sizes that we're different, but I have been wrong before.
Have you got a proper blender? They all taste much better blended when they have bubbles in...Good luck today.
Did your OH swap over to CD aswell? or was that someone else? If so or not, how's he getting on?
Good luck
Hi Percy.
Yes i have the proper blender!On ll i loved the banana and strawberry. But must say cd is much sweeter and quite rich for me. But hey ho.
My husband still on ll.He is on maintenence this week, he has almost lost 5st in an amazing 9 weeks lucky him!


is gonna do it!!
Hi Lynn, still trudging on....
I lost 12 pounds so far, so gonna keep at it. Not too well at the mo, so can't seem to get the water down, which is the most difficult part of this diet for me. Just trying to stay focused as I soo want to lose this weight, finally!!
I lost 1lb.My cdc said what was u expecting i said a big gain.She said well done anyway and try to stick it out and by xmas i will lose 1st

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