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Weirdest food cravings ever....

This is my third week doing LT, it's been okay up to now, I've been up and down on the mood front but as far as diet goes it's been okay, no mad headaches or weakness, no temptation to eat or break the diet...all of that..until yesterday!!! Is it just week 3 that does it or what? Since yesterday morning all I can think about is food..all types of food, random concoctions that I wouldn't in a million years dream of eating normally....and it's not because of hunger..just these thoughts and images of food pop into my head constantly....I won't go on and list the different types of things I'm craving because although the combinations might make some of you sick, just typing it might make me worse! The only one I will mention is the one I'm suffering form right now..my God I want it..I want to grab a bunch of it and bite...you know what it is I'm craving??? Parsley!!!!!! Never in my life have I dreamt of munching parsley...it is so random...it if wasn't so quiet on the action front these days I might be worried I'm pregnant or something..but thankfully no...just LT randomness. I'm hoping these cravings are just a symptom of week3 and not my body giving up on me because I need at least another 7 weeks of this before I can go out and pick my parsley to start chomping on......mmmm maybe when I come off LT my affinity for chocolate and all things sweet and nasty will be replaced with parsley and coriander....that's got to be healthier...and better for my teeth :D

Anyway, think I'll have a cup of peppermint tea...wonder if there's such a thing as parsley tea???
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I think there is Parsley in the chicken soup....well it looks like Parsley to me! lol xx
lol....yeah I was wondering if that's parsley or what it is..but whatever it is it isn't the type i'm craving..you know when parsley is really fresh and there's a really fresh smell off it??..that's what I want....oh well..mint tea now..not the same but it'll do! (I still can't believe I'm admitting to craving parsley...lol often was referred to as a cow..now I want to eat like one!!! :) )
Lol. I know what you mean
I craved things that I definately wouldn't of before lol
Mmmmmmmmmmmm I crave Richard Armitage on toast.....
Lucas North from Spooks.....I fancy him so badly, it's like a teenage crush, and me a middle-aged woman!
lol..I had to google him to find out who he was....cute enough....my crush at the moment is Alexander Skarsgard off True Blood...yum ;)
Ella, I'm guessing that you're a bit younger than me!
Age is just a number Sandra lol.....I'm 30...not that much younger I wouldn't think...I just have the crush factor of a 21 year old!!!
i've been dreaming of pizza all day lol, but it comes as random thoughts :D
Age is just a number Sandra lol.....I'm 30...not that much younger I wouldn't think...I just have the crush factor of a 21 year old!!!
50 Ella, going on 15!

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