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Welcome all CD Maintainers


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Love the idea of a maintenance thread, not sure if I want to post on the maintenance area though it seems too quiet...what d'ya reckon shall we start one and where??
and my response was

"Seems too quiet" is an understatement, it's dead, but reckon it would be a fab idea to start a new section somewhere amongst the CD Forum.
We have all been so inspired to continue on CD and reach our goals, via the anonymity of the Minimins Forum.
I reckon a CD Forumite Maintenance Sub Forum might help keep us away from the Returners Sub Forum.
Or at least i hope it might keep me away. So determined not to put the weight on again.
This is when the hard work starts i reckon.
I big thank-you to Minimins for allowing a few of us to start a new CD Sub Forum, following a suggestion made in another thread by LellyCD, for those of us who have made it to the Maintenance Stage.
Hopefully this Sub Forum will be the support that so many might need and appreciate, when finally reaching their goal.
As stated above, this is when the hard work starts. Good luck everyone.
Luv Nibbles

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Serena's title didn't fit
Oooooooh. Agree with LellyCD. Maintenance forum is kinda dead... Will ask Pierce to move my Diary, AGAIN (WHAHA.), to this forum when I reach the kcal stages in 3 weeks or so. :)

Great incentive, super!


Trying to stay healthy!
Brilliant!!! now we can all support each other on maintenance!! woohoo!!!
now that's a good idea! I so need some help! will lose the last stone and then be here for a bit of moral support! I will not put it back on!!

HI all - great idea - notquite at maintenance - but def going to get there - I am feeling really positive now. Thanks Lelly and Nibbles

Lelly - How you finding 1200? I will go on to the website you use - hopefully can keep better track - Loads of snow here - so working from home today. Have a great day

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I'm just restarting but wondered if I could suggest a thread for each of you explaining your journey (for motivation) and so when newbies arrive in this area they can catch up on who you are and where you've come from (weight loss journey wise). ;) I know for a fact I'd love to know WHEN I get here! ;)

Well done everyone that is posting here :)

Serena A

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Great idea for a new sub-forum! I reached my BMI <25 yesterday, only another 10lbs to go and then I can join you all - can't wait! xx

Good idea about the CD journey thread Purple Hugs, I'd love to know too :)
Hi all, I'm currently on ss and am hoping to see it through to the end. I'm wondering how people are finding it on maintenance? How many cals are you allowed and what kinds of foods do you tend to eat?



Is determined and focused
Fantastic idea guys, I can't wait till it's my time for maintenance, I'm sure this forum will help so many people:D

I think purple hugs' idea is a great one, I for one would love to read all your stories for a bit of inspiration:)


Serena's title didn't fit
In all honesty, this forum is what I missed when I started CD. Everything was about losing the weight but there wasn't much about keeping it off. Now that I'm doing the steps up I realise it's a whole damn lot harder than I thought it'd be. Many temptations etc etc compared to when on CD SS.

So guessing I will be posting here a lot :)) I think it will be good to support eachother in maintenace. I'm like 3 weeks away from it.. well.. 2-3ish and nervous as hell. Haven't been that good in doing steps up, went okay at first but it's harder than I thought really............

Ah well. As I said before; yay forum :) Gogo maintainers :p
Hi Lostris you are doing so well - you are right this place is brilliant for support!!


Serena's title didn't fit
Hi Lostris you are doing so well - you are right this place is brilliant for support!!
Thanks so much hon! You've done amazing too! :)

*hugs forum* ^_^. I really need this forum, hahah, when I saw replies I was like; wow, what??. :)
Hi all,

Just logged in, first time for a while - found this new sub-forum and think it is a great idea! Well done everyone.



Gone fishing
Of course Wannab. Great little place with some fab stars here :clap:
Hi guys, what a great idea to create a new subforum!! I hit BMI 25 yesterday so will join you in about 7-10lbs time if that's ok :D

Well done honey!! :happy036:

Why wait? Join us now :D


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