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well after being worried i wouldnt loose


Likes to eat.........alot
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See! I told you to stop thinking :giggle:

Well done missis :D

It's so lovely when they sleep through isn't it? Pleased for you xxx


Slimming for my children
Yep. I did wake up like pam anderson and have a really bad backache now at the top so i dunno whats worse. I say he slept through but i had gone out to see satc2 which is wicked by the way and left home at 6pm and then didnt get back till midnight so gave him a big feed lol and i woke up to my husbands alarm at 5.45 grrrrrr and i looked over at his cot and he was on his front eeek playing with his teddy bear all smiles. xxx


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Yay, that's great news on both counts :)
yay well done hun! Did you have fun at the cinema? Im going out for the first time since having Sophie tonight! And great news on the sleeping through to..sophie was bad last night but i think it was the weather..wide awake at 1.30 xx


Slimming for my children
it could be a growth spurt hun. how old is she?
Sometimes mikey is up every hour but on the whole he goes to sleep at 7.30 and then i dream feed him at 9 or 10 when i go to bed and then he will wake up at 2 and 4 and then 7 for the day.


Likes to eat.........alot
S: 19st5lb C: 15st6lb G: 12st10lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 3st13lb(20.3%)
Awww bless him :D I remember mine doing that.......many moons ago :eek: lol (sleeping through I mean! lol)

Glad you enjoyed your outing with your girlies. xxx
Shes 7 months now, i did wonder if they go through another growth spurt. I never dream fed her and she dropped the night bottle at 5 months maybe earlier so not sure lol. Shes as happy as larry at the moment in her jumperoo lol x


Slimming for my children
lol big up to the jumperoos. Not sure if they have a 7 month to be honest.
i reckon the weather as its been nasty humid. x
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love it when they start sleeping thru :D my avas 9 months nrly 10 and she sleeps from 6 while 7 :D congrats on the weight loss


Slimming for my children
i do think its helping my weight loss i really do. When i first had him i got home after my c sec and weighed myself and i was 20 stone 5 and i went down to 18.13 without eating anything healthy. So i really think the weight loss is helped by bf. Not only that its a bit of me time for me and mikey. I get to just sit and be with him and me all nice and close and cuddly. its my excuse to chuck daytime crap on tv and relax! xxx

Never mind next one aye ;)


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Fantastic news on both accounts Hun!!!

Its great when they sleep through, although you may have trouble getting used to it to begin with as you expect them to wake up!
My Daughter is 4 and after some rough nights sleep a little while ago, I now have trouble getting her up for Nursery in the morning! Lol

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