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Minimins is the best!
soo...i have just spent ages farting around making the lemon chick pea cake - the one with the lemon quark topping - looked gorgeous..in the picture..
i have made it ...smelt good, looked really good - nice colour, made the topping - lush, it looks so pretty..cant wait to try a piece, so i do.....
YUKKY YUKKY YUKKY!!! it just tastes of chickpeas with sugar and lemon on them...i dunno if im doing it wrong or what??!!
so anyway ive given up, and just eaten a massive bag of grapes instead!!
Can anyone suggest a nice cake recipe (low syns or syn free) that actually tastes nice...?? i tried the cous cous cake and that was rotten too!! lol
maybe im just too fussy...!!
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If you haven't tried it yet, give a Scan Bran cake a go! They're certainly NOT to everybody's taste - mine is the chocolate and raspberry one though!!!


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Can't say I'm keen on any of the cakes! But if you want to "go" scanbrans the one!
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Bar the carrot cake iv never found a sw dessert that tastes like what it promises too LOL.. maybe im just being fussy too.. :p


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If you can get online (if you can't someone will be able to) there is a recipe for a chocolate & cherry roulade, someone brought this to our taster last night but she changed the cherry for strawberry & MY GOD it was so nice, didn't taste like a 'diet cake' at all - this one is now on my list of things to make
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im making this afternoon yogurt gingerbread will let you all no how it tastes and tomorrow will make the lemon cake:D
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My lemon cake is to die for...in my opinion! It's also been a big hit at buffet night too and very easy to make! The whole cake is 14 syns but it's a normal size cake and a quarter of it is only 3.5 syns! Worth it!

I have made stacey's cake a few times now and it's fab! I am thinking of making it again tonight. will have to look up the quark topping you mentioned - i need to use a tub I have in the fridge.

I also made the syn free muffins - but I didn't like them and they were quickly binned. :sigh:


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I've not tried any of the cake recipes yet - my DD & family are coming to stay next month so I was planning a SW baking splurge then...


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I found the lemon chickpea cake really nice and didn't taste of chickpeas at all. I thoroughly washed and drained them and put all the ingredients into a blender and it seriously just tasted of lemon cake. I was amazed.

I am going to make Stacey's lemon cake when my chocolate scan bran cake is all gone :p
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well i made the yogurt gingerbread and it was ok but not worth the 4 syns a slice :eek: it was quite a doughy taste not light and airy like the pic lol

I've just made the fruit roulade posted on the puddings recipe thread (I've copied it to this board as well as it is sooooooo good)

The whole thing is 1/2 syn !!!!!!
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It may have been posted before so please forgive me as I'm new to the board but in relation to Chickpea cake try:

Apricot and almond cake

1 tin chickpeas drained and rinsed well
4 tblsp splenda
3 eggs
1 tsp baking powder (1/2 syn)
Good glub of almond flavouring
72g chopped dried apricots (HEB)

Mix all the ingredients together (ex apricots) with / in a blender till totalled!!
Stir through chopped apricots
Pop into a 1 lb loaf tin lined for 25 mins on 180.
Brilliant on green for HEB and 1/2 syn whole cake. Tastes a bit like Battenburg. Lemme see if I can get a pic:

Remember the cous-cous and chick pea cakes are now quite high syns now as SW has recalculated them...... oh dear I hear you cry. i loved my fruit cous-cous cake with a cuppa. Not anymore.

Oh the lemon cake is lovely, and the scranbran choccy one is great too!

Phil x
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thelemon cake is now in the oven :D

ive made it with lemon and vanilla essence not extract is that free? also not putting the topping on so will that make it 9 syns for the whole cake :D:D

its now out of the oven and looks and tastes lovely could do with waiting for it to cool first lol
also next time i make it i will add some more lemon essence i think

but what a fantastic cake thanks
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