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Well...I was punished for my naughties...


I will succeed!!!
I went to the pub with some friends and OH last night and I opted to be driver so I would stay within my syns.

Well, it's a cool pub with board games, so we're sat playing scrabble and cluedo (I am aware how loserish I sound by the way lol :D ) and I caved and had a cappucino and mini cheese board.

YES I was over syns and YES I regret it...because the ghost of SW punished me with really weird, sometimes scary but very muchly messed up dreams last night.

So next time you hit the cheese/caffeine naughties or anything else...beware!

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Nojo on the YoYo
Mini cheese board sounds really cute. What dreams did you have? I love hearing about people's dreams.


I will succeed!!!
They weren't good ones.The first one I remember, Jim (OH) was meant to be hung for treason (wtf?) - can only assume it's cause I watch Tudors and this is a common theme lol... and so I woke up really stressed about 5am. After that I was in this really colourful world with lots of weird tunnels and animals. Very odd...know a good therapist? ;)


Nojo on the YoYo
well I don't know what the treason thing means but dreaming in colour is a signifier of your emotional state, what colours were there? People dream mostly in black and white so when you dream in colour it's very telling.

(has dream dictionary haha)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Ah the cheese dreams! I always dream in colour, is this significant? I'm always slim and usually looking for a toilet ! And all the doors have been removed :eek:
oooh vixster you could start a thread where people tell you their dreams and you analyse them? i've had couple over the last few weeks where my hubby has had enough of my negative attitude towards myself and left me!! think i can work that one out for myself tho!! LOL


Nojo on the YoYo
Haha ok well, here goes... without knowing the ins and outs of the dreams this is what I get...

Dreaming of being on the toilet means that you're shedding something that has emotionally drained you. For you I reckon, combining the weight you are losing (the 'slim' you in the dream) with the symbol of the toilet means that you are constantly thinking about how happy you'll be once you lose the weight, that combined with the open doors means that you can't wait for everyone to see what you've achieved. Make sense?

Mommy B, I'm pretty sure you can work that one out for yourself, your own fears and thoughts about yourself are playing themselves out in your dreams, you're trying to work towards a solution to a problem you haven't really encountered yet, but in your head, you think it will materialise.


I will succeed!!!
I dream in colour too! It's weird if I DON'T dream in colour!!! Yay for colourful dreamers... :D

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