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well im leaving cd

hi all

well ive decided that i carnt do this anymore, past 3 weeks i have been cheating loads saying to myself il start tommorow but tommorow never comes :cry::cry::cry:

im just a big fat failure. my partner is going to carry on with it as he is losing loads (even though has cheated a few times with me)

ive been trying to get hold of my cdc to ask for any advice but shes not in for a few days.

i just thought i could do it. but its all messed up :sigh:
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Your not a big fat failure!!!!!!!!!! Its one of those things.......if you arent completely committed and keep trying and messing up its time for a break. You will just upset yourself more if you keep blipping. Believe me i had the same experience. When you are ready you will return to something (perhaps not CD) and you will finish wholeheartedly. Dont dispair. We have all been there. XX
i woke up this morning thinking il do it today but ended up going to pizza hut with little one and then millies cookies were just staring at me. sorry about the food info

i will be coming on the site to see how u all r doing.

thanks so much for ur help

good luck to all u lotxxx


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I was the same i had a week off and then got back on it felt better to have that week off see how u feel in a few days

Never say never xxxxxxxxxxxx
you are NOT a failure hun. cd isnt easy, have a break and maybe think about it again in a few weeks. the break might be just what you need to get you back into it :) xx
thanks guys

i will just take this week off and see how i go then if im ready il try again.

il try my best to keep away from the junk food

it just feels like an excuse to eat for a week


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thanks guys

i will just take this week off and see how i go then if im ready il try again.

il try my best to keep away from the junk food

it just feels like an excuse to eat for a week
Maybe you do just need a break. A break from the pressure hun:confused: it can't be easy with your partner doing it as well.:sigh:

When your CDC returns it may be worth getting in touch and having a chat about how you feel and getting some support and guidance there.

At the end of the day, you know you better than anyone and if you need time out to do some "headwork" then you deserve to give yourself that space.

Best wishes :)

lacey xx :)
thanks lacey
yes it is hard with my partner doing it aswell as i always hear is im doing it so in im sure u can do it

he thinks its just so easy
Its not easy, if so everyone would be doing it, and it is even harder when you've got so much temptation around with your little one. Don't forget that men do tend to lose weight quicker than women so that is some consolation.

Listen hun, you are not a failure, you've tried the diet and your just having a break, i wouldn't call that giving up i would call that being realistic, because next time you start I know you will be able to stick to it 100%, everyone here will support you through it. We all have our bad days.


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youve gotta do what ever feels best for you - but you are not a failure.

look at your 18lbs in 5 weeks! thats brill.

good luck in whatever you decide! x
OOOOO hunni, your not a failure, you are being to hard on yourself, cd isnt easy your head and heart needs to be in it hun and it must be very hard that your hubby is losing but men do lose faster than women. give yourself sometime with no pressure and imsure you will be back at it very soon.xx good luck hunni.


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you haven't failed babes. you've made a choice. as long as it is a reasoned choice and the right choice for you then there is no failure there.

have the break you need but make valid choices for yourself, not anyone else, but think about each one first. you've been doing fantastically well and you'll continue when you are ready :)

abz xx
Your certainly not a failure, I think its always worth 'another go' I am restarting tomorrow after a long break of around a year, I have gained 3 stone! It wasnt worth it and I could have been at goal ages ago if I had stuck to it and I have 9 stone to lose now rather than 6!

Do you fancy a diet buddy and trying this together for support night and day!! I work night and day shifts from home so im always around and would love to have someone to support and for them to support me through the tough times especially since im starting after such a long break

Totally upto you but i believe you can do this, let me know chick xx
You're not a failure. Maybe SS is just not for you. Have a chat with your CDC. Maybe you could start higher up the plans and see how you go about working down them? You might be able to find you're happier having something to eat but still lose weight. That would still be a posistive change. Chin up :)
Will miss our chats loselose. Please dont think you are a failure, you know you can do it, you're just not in the right frame of mind.
Have a week away, dont even come on the site and see you feel next weekend. If you use the time off as an excuse to eat then try to stick to the proteins.
Wishing you all the best.

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