Well it's day 3! So far so good......i think!


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Hi all!
Just started SW and I have to say that so far so good! I am on a red day. About to cook a chicken curry!

If anyone has any essential tips or advice that will see me through, please let me know!

Got a long road ahead of me but this year is my skinny year! This time next year, I will be 10 stone (ish)! Got 9 stone 8 and a half pounds to lose! Time to get started!!!:eek:
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Reached Target. woohoo
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Well done on getting started youv'e done the hardest part, the best advice i could give is to have small targets, i worked on 7lbs at a time then it doesen't seem so hard to do and when youv'e lost each 7lb it will spur you on to the next, also check out the recipe threads loads of great ideas. xxx


Is so very nearly there!
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Good Luck love :)

Im sure you can do it .... we all here to help too.xx


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Hi Claire

As one of the other ladies said, break it down in to smaller amounts. I started in May with around 10 stone to lose. I've lost 2 (should have been more but I've pratted around since September).

Thinking of having another 8 to go is scary but i can cope with thinking of it in 7lb chunks.


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yep definitely break it down. do you have any special occasions coming up which you could aim for? just set some mini targets and imagine how much better you will feel along the way.

also dont forget free food is FREE - eat as much as you want just dont eat it for the sake of it. also use your syns - dont feel guilty about enjoying a treat with them eg chocolate or alcohol.

oh and do loads of research into what you can eat and recipes - variety makes it so much easier. but you shouldnt be too bored on day three!

good luck. x


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thanks for the advice everyone. Had my chicken curry for tea which was nice. Just polishing off a muller.

going to set 7lb targets to make it more managable.

trying to have a baby so need to lose as much weight as possible in order to become fertile again and when we do get pregnant, I want my baby to have healthy foods whilst inside and out. Claire xx