Well that's... new!


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I've just been out for a drive to 'the other end of the island!' lol, and went for a wander a long the seafront and tooks lots of pictures. It was absolutely beautiful. Cold, but not too cold. I wasn't frozen, but it felt really refreshing.

I got back to my car after a little while - just as I was driving up the road it started tipping it down, so that was lucky.

Anyway, on the drive back I decided I fancied something to eat. So I went to Sainsburys, and bought what I fancied, got home and decided to have it now because I was hungry and really really fancied it.

What was it you ask?

Salad! I've just had a huge bowl of salad (and lovely WW Salad Cream) as a snack, because I wanted it and craved it!

How bizzare! :D
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New, Bizarre... but hey I bet you feel real proud of yourself. I always wondered when I got pregnant over 2 years ago what would I crave? Would it be lettuce, tomatoes, veg .. but no, it was CHOCOLATE and HOT BUTTERED TOAST!!!

Great news .. long may it continue


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lol Well done you, a definite good sign there. I did that the other night, had the munchines and a real notion for crispbread and cottage cheese!! Nice to be able to give into your craving with a clear conscience :)