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Well thats the packed lunches bu**ered then


A moaning old boot!!!!
Tuna, you cant beat a good old tuna sarnie!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Mrs V

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I tend not to believe what we're told not to eat or drink, everything causes some kind of cancer! It's all just scare mongering and if I fancy a ham sandwich I'll damn well have one lol!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Totally agree!! If you looked up every food/drink you can think of, there'd be "it causes this" for every single one... I don't listen to what they say, if it was that bad they'd ban it!! X
God it rattles me, it really does!
We can't eat.... eggs, bacon, fish, processed foods of any kind, non-organic food, anything with aspartame in... the list is endless.

Eat in moderation, if you want to take it to the extreme we should only eat things which we have grown ourselves or animals we have nurtured and slaughtered ourselves!

Flippin Heck!!

I don't even know about the ham thing but I recall something about bacon a while ago. I buy bacon and cooked ham both from the butchers. I know where the meat has come from as it says so on the wall in there, that's the best I can do!


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If we listened to everything they said not to eat we would be thin in a mth because we wouldnt be able to eat a thing, lol! Plus they will change their mind about it in a few months and it will be something else that we shouldnt eat.
yup i will eat ham as normal lol along with everything else that will supposedly maybe cause some sort of illness perhaps! lol

Ah, but isn't bread too full of salt these days? Shouldn't we be milling our own flour and baking our own bread? ;-)
Ah but think of the pesticides - probably have to buy yourself a farm and grow your own wheat, raise your own chickens.........;)

Personally I figure everything is all right in moderation. The best diet for health is a varied one.

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