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Went back to work today and people have noticed!!


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Awwwwwwww its such a wonderful feeling isn't it!!!!

Am so chuffed for you honey!!!! :D


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Thanks Julesy, except I look a bit of a tramp in clothes that hang off me, never mind!


Likes being a girly girl
Hey lady I doubt very much you could ever look like a tramp..;)..but I know what you mean about clothes hanging off you......hmmmmm...could be time to try on a smaller dress? :D


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I'm going to wait a couple more weeks I think, otherwise the people in the sewing rooms will not be happy with me, lol!

Thanks MrsB!
I look like a tramp 2 chick, but dont u feel like the best tramp in the world? lol x x x


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It feels sooooooooooo good to be a tramp ha ha ha!
I look like clown trousers, i feel like the best clown...... ever. Im worried tho, think i could be addicted 2 minimins!!!!!! x x x x
Well done Ruth. My clothes, especially jeans, are so baggy that friends are bringing bags of clothes over! Tee hee hee.

I checked out the ideal weight range for my height and the lower end is 7 stone - if I get that low and don't blow away in the wind, I will have to start shopping in Tammy!
Well done Ruth! Who cares whether your work clothes look a bit baggy its up get the hospital ta give you new one, I would say though whilst losing weight buy clothes from Primark so your not spending so much whilst you are losing, that way you'll have more to spend when your at goal. Well done you!



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I look like a tramp in my jeans as well!! but a tramp for all the right reasons!! :D


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Fantastic, Ruth! Doesn't it give you a boost? You are doing so well!
Thanks everyone! I'm looking like this --------> :D


Must do it this time
well done!!!

great job ruth,just started yesterday,all`s going well for now.everybody seems to be doing great.


Must do it this time
hi,can anyone out there help me,i don`t know if i`m posting right.i`ve done a few replys on the forum but don`t seem to get any reply.when i want to join in a conversation what exactly do i do.sorry about this but i`ve just started cd yesterday and would greatly appreciate the support.thanks in advance to anyone for a reply.

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