Went clothes shopping today


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and not only did I manage to get 2 new tops in Sainbury's for the small price of £7.50 but I also got them in a size 14:D

My skirt is a size 16 and is currently hanging off me, it's only being held up with a belt - I'm a little bit annoyed as it's a M$S per uno skirt (so not cheap) and I bought about 3 weeks before I started the diet, so I've not had it long - my mother has her eye on it though and is looking forward to me handing it over to her - I quite like the feeling of it being too big at the moment though LOL

I'm on the 790 and it's going really well, apart from the gingerbread latte's from starbucks - I always get the skinny version, but can anyone tell me how bad these are so I can stop drinking them - I'm craving them at the moment as they are so yummy! (oh and don;t tell anyone about the slice of xmas cake my hubby bought for me when we met up for lunch - I had it with my gingerbread latte and it was too nice for words:eek: )
congratulations for the new size thats great

It does feel good to have your clothes being too good, but i will say that it feels so much better (and looks so much better) to be in a smaller size if you can afford to get it. People notice your loss more too when they see you in smaller clothes rather than in baggy ones.

But dont pay much for the clothes! I bought a pair of jeans 3 weeks ago and they're too big now so all that money wasted, I'm sure you'll find that happens too
well done on the loss, and isnt it fab when those clothes fit, i have been shopping for clothes in sainsburys too, i got 6 tops for £34 its great value isnt it, and they have some gorgeous stuff,