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Were you breastfed?

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Hi all,

Bit of a weird (and personal!) question, but I wondered how many of you that are trying to lose weight were breastfed when you were a baby.

I was talking to my mum about it this morning, and it turns our my brother and sister were both breastfed, and I wasnt (apparently she tried but I was a biter - haha).

I've always been bigger than my brother and sister. My brother is tall and like a beanpole, and my sister is a size 6-8. Im probably a 14-16, have always found it hard to shift the pounds and am bigger all round really.

Do you think there is any basis behind my theory that breastfeeding = slim kids?!
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Interesting point, I was breastfed as a baby but I don't know how long for.

I also breastfed both my children, DS for 6mths & DD for 4mths. Neither have weight issues now as 20 & 18yr olds.

What also interests me about breastfed babies is whether they fight off illness better than a bottle fed baby. My children are very rarely ill & the worse they've had is chicken pox ;)


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I wasn't breastfed. my mums milk wouldn't come in. my older sister and all my younger siblings were, 3 of the 5 of us are carrying lots of extra weigh, the other 2 are on heavier end of "normal"

I breastfed all 4 of mine, the first for 3 months, the rest for 2+ years each. The first is the only one of mine that has to watch her weight, the others are average or struggle to put weight on.

Lozzy Gozzy

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I wasn't breastfed and was much much bigger than my two younger sisters! Maybe there is a method behind the madness :p
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Both my brother and I were breastfed and we are both overweight. I didn't breasfeed my daughter and she is very slim.


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I was bottle fed
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I was breastfed and was slim/skinny all my life until I hit my late thirties then I became a big 'ol beast! :D

I breastfed both of my children and they are 15 and 12 and are both very slim.

In my opinion most bottle fed babies seem to be more chubby but they grow out of it.


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I was breast fed for a few months.

My sister was fed donated breast milk (born premature, mum unable to express milk), but I think that was only for a couple of weeks. My sister is only a few pounds over weight.
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I was breast fed. In my case I was a skinny child till I was 9yrs old then it just suddenly piled on. My mother blamed it on having my tonsils out. But the same thing happened to my kids, they were slim normal till they were 9 then started getting plump - in each case it was because around that age they started wanting to eat more. I managed to get them slim again before long, and they stayed slim until they left home - at which time they both proceeded to get fat. So you can't always blame it on what parents feed you, it looks like in the case of my family it is simply a genetically large appetite triggered by pre-puberty.
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I wasn't breastfed and neither was my brother - I have issues with my weight and my brother can eat what he likes and gain nothing (damn him getting that gene). I don't plan on breastfeeding my children either when I have them.


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i wasnt breastfed.i bottle fed both of my lads and i have one that is going to be tall and i think very slim and lean..and my other,hes going to be smaller and alot bigger...


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I was bottle fed, and also weaned extremely early. My brother was also bottle fed and while he was properly weaned a bit later (still early by todays standards) I vividly remember mum crushing rusks to put in his bedtime bottle when he was very young.

I have no idea whether this has affected our weight - my parents and brother are all extremely overweight, I have never had quite that problem, but have gained a bit recently - however both my brother and I have multiple allergies etc and I do think being exposed to food before our bodies were ready has had an effect.

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