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Westie dogs food diary-Help required

:cry:Done most of the diets out there with some success but never manage to keep the weight off. Decided SW sounds like the best/healthiest option.

I work shifts to my meals are sometimes in a strange order.

Was upset when STS last weigh in and even more upset when I have according to my scales put on 3.5lb since last official weigh in despite sticking to the plan (I think). Only thing I can think of is lack of syns.

Wednesday 20th October 2010 - green


Apple and banana


Quorn lamb style cutlets & baked beans


Baked bean lasagne (syn free) with SW chips

Healthy extras

Lasagne was topped 42g of reduced fat chedder cheese - HEa

2 x Alpen lights - HEb

Drinks - Diet cream soda/sparkling water/black coffee with sweetener.

Syns - 0

I have been on Lighterlife before so the above seems loads and think I am scared of eating any syns.
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It takes some time for your body to get used to eating food again, so don't worry if you see some gains, but it will come off soon!
Try to get as much fruit and veg in as you can and you are allowed 2 HEB's with a Green day and also try to make use of your syns :)
Good luck!
Thanks Meli

Will keep on going. It just seems after LL that I am eating too much so will try to squeeze in the HE's and more fruit and veg.

Will check out your food diary x
Thursday 21st October 2010


Muller light raspberry and cranberry yogurt & fresh blueberries


Jacket potato & virtually fat free cottage cheese


Baked bean lasagne with 42g Reduced fat cheddar HEa
Muller light strawberry yogurt

HEb 2 x Alpen lights

Syns - 0

Drinks - diet pop, black coffee and sparkling water
You need to also add some syns into your day...

When there comes a time you find that you are plateau'ing you will have nothing to cut back on if you dont factor in these from Day 1
Any suggestions please as I seem to be gaining weight x


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What plan you following?
As the others have said eat those syns, i'd have the full 15 to start with. Make sure you have your HEs and plenty of superfree.
I think you need to be eating MORE. you may find in the first weeks that you gain, but soon your body will realise your going to continue to feed it, so will allow you to lose the fat.
Thanks Honey

Im going to go shopping for some syn laden treats and more fruit and veg x
Forgot to mention doing all green days at the minute x
Feel free to comment

Friday 22nd October 2010


2 x alpen lights - HEb


Jacket potato and virtually fat free cottage cheese


Syn free baked bean lasagne and tinned new potatoes 42g reduced fat cheddar HEa
Fruit salad made with grapes, blueberries and melon


2 x alpen lights HEb


2 x 175ml dry white wine-12 syns :wave_cry:
My fav syns seem to be the ice creams- Mini Twisters (2 syns each), Mini Milk (1.5 syn each). There are also lovely syns out there to have...it's worth looking at a few diaries on here for more ideas.
Try to up your water intake as well.
Saturday 23rd October 2010

Green day


4 x ryvita and laughing cow extra light triangles - HEa & b


2 x alpen light bars HEb


Asda chickpea dahl and plain boiled rice
Muller light yogurt and blueberries.


SW chips, fried egg done in frylight and beans
Muller light yogurt and 1 banana

2 x Skinny cow skinny dippers lolly 3.5 syns each - 7 syns
175ml glass dry white wine 6 syns

Total syns 13

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